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California Democrats Refuse To Own Their Homeless Problem, Instead, They Blame It On White People

La Homeless

Anyone visiting any of California’s major cities over the past few years will immediately notice three things, the poop, the smell and most of all the homelessness.

The 135,000 homeless living in California would rank it as the #239th most populous city in America

For years California ignored the growing homeless crisis taking place in La La Land.
In fact, the Democrats not only ignored it, they actually contributed to it by passing laws based on feelings rather than facts.
California lawmakers felt they would look mean, and of course, racist if they had city police departments tear down those tent city’s that seemingly appeared almost overnight.
Democrat legislators then forbade local police officers from arresting, or even ticketing these homeless who were pooping on the streets and sidewalks.
But after events like a 20-pound bag of human feces made the news in San Francisco, and infectious rats the size of cats were photographed in Los Angeles City Hall.
Democrats like San Francisco Mayor, London Breed started blaming President Trump and his MAGA racist policies.
But that Democrat excuse didn’t fly even with San Franciscans who Shockingly Agreed With President Trump, that San Fran was truly a shithole.
California Democrats ever tried to implement their brilliant “out of sight, out of mind” policies, when they tried moving these tent cities to remote, hardly traversed sections of the state.
Ironically, the same courts that the Democrats try to legislate through, put the kibosh on that idea after organizations like the ACLU argued these homeless had the right to live anywhere they felt safe and protected.

Down The Democrats Slippery Shit Stained Slope We Go.

Jerry Brown, the state’s four-term governor, considered the homeless crisis so dire that, the ex-Governor thought that climate change would be solved sooner than homelessness.
Of course, California Democrats will never admit that their high tax, nanny state liberal progressive policies is the driving force behind their state’s Homeless epidemic.
Despite their attempt spin in claiming the homeless epidemic was a right-wing fake news fantasy being driven by Fox News.
The Democrats couldn’t hide from their homeless epidemic once their own liberal left-wing media started reporting on diseases not seen since the days of Black Plague in the 1300s.
That the LAPD station on skid row was cited by the state for a rodent infestation and other unsanitary conditions, and that one employee there was infected with the strain of bacteria that causes typhoid fever.
Of course, California legislators immediately grabbed the Democrats playbook on…

“How To Fix Everything The Liberal Progressive Way”

  • Rule #1 – Spend
  • Rule #2 – Spend More
  • Rule #3 – Spend Even More


In Los Angeles, the city and county spent $600 million in 2018 to chip away at the number of homeless people.
After all that taxpayer money L.A. threw at combating the homeless epidemic… The total of homeless increased by 16% bringing LA’s number of homeless living on the streets to 60,000.

Spend More:

Despite LA spending $600 million only to see the homeless problem get worse.
New California Governor Newsom’s proposed spending another $500 million in one-time grant funding for emergency homeless shelters and navigation centers

Spend Even More:

On top of the $500 million Governor Newsom also wants to spend an additional $25 million ongoing to assist eligible homeless individuals in applying for disability benefits.
Does California really need to spend $25 million dollars to help some homeless fill out some disability forms?

Top 400 Most Populous City In America

It’s unimaginable to think that in L.A. County alone the amount of homeless would rank in the top 400 most populous cities in America.
The amount of homeless in LA county would be on par with the population of such cities as Fairbanks, AKGoldsboro, NCVictoria, TX.
To put in perceptive just how God awful Los Angeles has become, last week we reported: LA Mayor Grovels To President Trump: Let’s Fix Homeless Crisis
For any California Mayor, let alone LA’s to beg President Trump for help should tell you everything you need to know about what dire straights Los Angeles is in.

Liberal Logic Explains Away The Homeless Epidemic

The “explanation” that California politician relied upon for years was:
But after numerous studies showed that this was nothing more than another Democrat delusion, Californians are starting to wake up to the facts.
As Tommy Newman, a lawyer and a senior director at the nonprofit United Way, pointed out in a recent podcast.
A quarter of the United States of America’s entire homeless population (550k) lives in California (135k), and many of those reside in Los Angeles (60k) earning it the shameful moniker of “Homeless Capital of America.
Newman told California Politicians the reality of their homeless epidemic that they had turned a blind eye to:
“About 70% of the people who are living outside [in Los Angeles County] last lived indoors in L.A. County, and of that subset, 50% lived here for more than a decade indoors,” 
Of course, those figures completely debunk the myth that the California Democrat politicians have been pushing about their states homelessness.
Newman hit the nail on the head when he said:
“Some people will come here, but if your whole life falls apart and you’re in Iowa, you’re not going to say, ‘All right, well, I’ve lost everything, and now I’m going to California.”

Hollywood Liberals Scream NIMBY

One of the main difficulties faced by charities who advocate for helping homeless people is how those righteous La La Land Hollywood liberals and Democrat politicians feel about housing the homeless.
When it comes to rezoning districts to allow more affordable housing to be built, these “Do as I say, Not as I do” Liberal Progressive Democrat hypocrites have only one thing to say “NIMBY”

 “Not In My Back Yard

Robert Sheer who is your typical California Democrat liberal progressive had the aforementioned senior director of United Way Tommy Newman on his NPR podcastrecently.
Despite Newman debunking the “homeless are coming to California” myth, he still couldn’t admit that California’s liberal progressive policies are the root cause for their homeless epidemic.
Instead, Newman went to the old Democrat standby of whom to blame when all else fails:
“It’s white people who are primarily the challenge on this housing question,”
“White people support more multifamily housing, more apartments—whether they’re affordable or not, more apartments—to the tune of about 40%. And people who are not white support apartments to the tune of about 60%.
So it is white people who own homes who are the cause of the homelessness crisis, and will need to be a part of the solution in some way, unless we can build a larger coalition around them and create that pressure.”


Don’t you dare lump me in with your kumbaya Democrat policy nonsense, where no one is to blame for their own actions because it’s all the White man’s fault for you doing what you did?
  • Poop on the street… White Man’s Fault.
  • Get hooked on crack… White Man’s Fault.
  • Won’t look for a job… White Man’s Fault.
  • Have 6 kids, with 5 different women… White Man’s Fault.
A perfect example of the California Democrat insanity happened last week in San Francisco.
In May we reported that a San Francisco school wanted two 82-year-old George Washington murals removed because it was traumatizing to teenage students.
Despite San Francisco having nearly 10,000 homeless people, and spending the city’s entire yearly cleanup budget in just months because San Fran now needs to clean up the sidewalks from the poop and drug paraphernalia every single day, instead of monthly.
The San Francisco school board authorized the spending of up to $600,000 to paint overthe 82-year-old historical mural the “Life of Washington” which was painted by Victor Arnautoff, one of the foremost muralists in the San Francisco area during the Depression.
The mural once seen as educational and innovative is now criticized by these WHITE Democrat liberal asswipes as racist.

But I do have Two Questions To Ask These San Fran Liberal Democrats:

  1. $600,000 to PAINT A WALL?

  2. When Do We Start Burning Books?

Here are those two God awful, “My Eyes…My Eyes” I f’n need therapy, traumatizing murals the Democrats are triggered about.
George Washington mural entitled “Westward Vision,”
George Washington mural entitled “Mount Vernon,”

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