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Eric Swalwell Is 1st 2020 Democrat To Call It Quits, After His Mom Refuses To Lend Him Gas Money

Eric Swalwell is Dead Broke

2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate Eric Swalwell is the first of the 287 candidates vying for the 2020 Democratic nomination to drop from the race.

Eric Swalwell calls it quits due to his abysmal polling numbers, his 10,000 to 1 odds and his many to the face moments he had.
There’s also the fact that he’s dead broke and Swalwell’s mom won’t lend him any more gas money.
Swalwell’s campaign focused on eliminating gun violence with solutions such a mandatory gun buyback program, and the implementation of a “federal licensing program for gun owners.”
Duke Nukem also vowed to “criminally prosecuting” anyone who refuses to comply with his proposed laws and if anyone refused Swalwell was prepared to drop an ICBM on your home.

Swalwell couldn’t even Pander correctly

Eric Swalwell tried pandering to the LGBTQ community at the start of Pride month.
Of course his I fly these flags 365 days a year tweet would have had just a wee bit more credibility if Swalwell could have taken a moment and ironed out all those ‘new package’ creases.

Eric Swalwell had another ‘Step On A Rake’ result at the South Carolina ‘Hall of Shame’ speed dating event in June.
The Ken doll look-a-like spewed out his “bold without the bull” tagline for the first time… Well, at least attempted to.
Swalwell was so excited to get his new bumper-sticker quality tagline out, that it came out “bold without the bold.”
It was hilarious watching Eric Swalwell waiting for the applause that never came.

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