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Four years ago today, this young woman was killed by an illegal alien and yet there is no response from police against the criminal

Four Years Ago Today, This Young Woman Was Killed By An Illegal Alien

On July 1, 2015, Kate was walking along Pier 14 in San Francisco with her dad, Jim Steinle, when she was hit by a .40 caliber slug, fired by five-time deportee and longtime drug dealer, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. The bullet tore through her chest, hitting the aorta.
Kate fell to the ground; her last conscious words were reportedly “Dad, help me.”
Jim performed CPR on his daughter until paramedics arrived on the scene. She was pronounced dead two hours later at San Francisco General Hospital.
The illegal alien confessed to killing her.
Breitbart reported:
An ICE official told Breitbart News that ICE Enforcement and Removal had begun processing the suspect for reinstatement of removal from the U.S. in March. But instead Lopez-Sanchez was transferred on March 26 from the Bureau of Prisons in another city to the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department (SFSD) because of a drug warrant. ICE then filed the detainer request to be notified prior to Lopez-Sanchez’s release from custody.
A San Francisco court dismissed Lopez-Sanchez’s drug charges on March 27.
San Francisco and SFSD policy is to deny ICE detainer requests, barring special circumstances, such as a warrant for a suspected violent offender. The ICE detainer request was denied, and on April 15, 2015 Lopez-Sanchez was released. Two and a half months later Kate Steinle was killed.
Shortly after her death, Kate’s family began a memorial fundraising site to raise money for Challenged Athletes Foundation and PAWS, charities which were important to Kate. Her older brother Brad posted the following message on the page:
I am Kate’s big brother, Brad. And days ago the most loving, beautiful, and amazing person was taken from us…my best friend, my love, my sister. Kate had a special soul, a kind and giving heart, the most contagious laugh I have ever heard and smile I have ever seen. Kate loved to laugh, travel, spend time with friends, and most of all loved her family.
Please remember every day that love is all that matters. Loving friends, loving life, and most of all loving your family.
The day before Kate died she changed her Facebook cover photo with a saying that said “Whatever’s good for your soul…do that.”
Please always remember Kate and live your life by these words.
Kate grew up in Pleasanton, California, and was a graduate of California Polytechnic University. She worked for Medtronic, a medical equipment company in San Francisco, and had a bright future ahead of her.
Incredibly, in late 2017, a San Francisco jury found Lopez-Sanchez, not guilty, despite his confession. He
was found guilty of possession of a firearm by a felon (which he is now appealing).
In March 2019, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Steinle family could not sue the city of San Francisco for failing to notify U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials of the illegal alien’s release from jail, just weeks before he shot Kate to death on Pier 14.
For the Steinle family, there will never be even a measure of justice.

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