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Hunter Biden Admits to Taking Diamond Bribe From Shady Chinese Businessman – Media Silent

It’s always ok when a Democrat does it.
Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden gave an interview to the New Yorker this week and spoke very candidly about his drug and alcohol abuse and also about his foreign dealings while his daddy was the Vice President of the United States.
In a shocking admission, Hunter Biden, 49, told the New Yorker that he once accepted a diamond bribe from a shady Chinese business tycoon in exchange for his powerful contacts in the US.

The 2.8-carat diamond was reportedly worth $80,000 and was sent to Hunter in 2016 in exchange for help making contacts in the liquefied-natural-gas industry in the US.
Hunter was on the board of the World Food Program USA, a nonprofit that generates support for the U.N. World Food Programme, and he had hoped that Ye would make a large aid donation. At dinner that night, they discussed the donation, and then the conversation turned to business opportunities. Hunter offered to use his contacts to help identify investment opportunities for Ye’s company, CEFC China Energy, in liquefied-natural-gas projects in the United States. After the dinner, Ye sent a 2.8-carat diamond to Hunter’s hotel room with a card thanking him for their meeting. “I was, like, Oh, my God,” Hunter said. (In Kathleen’s court motion, the diamond is estimated to be worth eighty thousand dollars. Hunter said he believes the value is closer to ten thousand.)
When I asked him if he thought the diamond was intended as a bribe, he said no: “What would they be bribing me for? My dad wasn’t in office.” Hunter said that he gave the diamond to his associates, and doesn’t know what they did with it. “I knew it wasn’t a good idea to take it. I just felt like it was weird,” he said.
Despite this admission, there has been a virtual media blackout over it.
No social media outrage. No Twitter hashtags. No calls for an investigation. Crickets.
Imagine if Eric Trump or Don Jr. received an $80,000 diamond from a shady Russian businessman in exchange for their powerful DC contacts because of their well-connected father, the media would be calling for their heads on a pike.
But Hunter Biden can be bribed with diamonds by a Chinese businessman, receive a $1 billion equity deal from the Bank of China and wheel and deal in Ukraine without any blow back.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are vigorously investigating whether Trump violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution because he owns a hotel a few blocks away from the White House.

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