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Photo Evidence Surfaces Ruining Kamala Harris’ 2020 Hopes: She’s A Complete & Total Fraud

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Kirsters Baish’s Opinion | In a what turned into a shocking argument between former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden and Democratic California Senator Kamala Harris this week, it seems that Harris may have made a claim that was plain false.
According to the Washington Examiner, “A searing confrontation between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden over his opposition to school busing in the 1970s has brought her childhood experience of busing to the center of the the 2020 Democratic primary battle. The California senator, 54, tore into the former vice president over his 1970s fight against busing in his home state of Delaware. Harris, born in October 1964, said busing — in which children were transported by bus so that schools would be racially integrated — gave her the opportunity to grow up equally in Berkeley, north of Oakland in the East Bay of San Francisco during the late 1960s and early 1970s.”
Harris started kindergarten in 1969. Public schools in Berkeley began integrating classes in 1968.

There was only one public high school in Berkeley at the time, leaving the middle schools and elementary schools in the city “largely split along racial lines,” according to the Examiner. A1963 census shows that there were some schools with as much as more than 97% white and just 1.7% black students in attendance.
The educational plan implemented in 1968 had a goal to start “an integrated school environment that lessens prejudice and discrimination. Each class heterogeneous, reflecting the community’s racial, socio-economic and intellectual diversity.”
In her 2018 memoir Harris wrote, “I only learned later that we were part of a national experiment in desegregation with working-class black children from the flatlands being bused in one direction and wealthier white children from the Berkeley hills bused in the other.”

The United States Commission on Civil Rights showed praise for the city’s efforts in integrating their schools in 1977, calling the program “implemented with relative ease.”
“Buses were on schedule, students met in homogeneous classes (at the elementary school levels,) parents socialized across racial lines and teachers did not resign en masse,” the commission explained. “The number of racial incidents was minimal and very few could be traced to desegregation,” the report continued.
According to the Washington Examiner, “The California senator’s experience with Berkeley’s busing program contrasts with Biden making repeated efforts to stop similar programs in his home state of Delaware.”
“I think the concept of busing … that we are going to integrate people so that they all have the same access and they learn to grow up with one another and all the rest, is a rejection of the whole movement of black pride,” Biden stated during a 1972 interview.
Via the Gateway Pundit:
Take a look at the following photo from the 1963 Berkeley yearbook, which shows integrated classes… before Harris was ever even born.

Below is the 1964 yearbook photo… the same year Harris was born.
You do the math.

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