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Republicans Block Pay Raise For House Members

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and fellow Republicans blocked the planned vote on a proposed 2.6% pay raise for members of the House of Representatives.
House Republicans took a stand against what many consider government waste this week by blocking a vote on a measure that would raise the current pay for some lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

The increase, part of Congress’ fiscal budget plan for next year, would have amounted to roughly $4,500 per year and was put forth by Democrats in the House last month.
Pay for House members is currently $174,000 annually.
News of Republican opposition to the bill came on Tuesday when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca) told House Majority Leader Stany Hoyer (D-Md) that there was virtually no support for an increase from either House or Senate Republicans.

Without any support from the Republican-held Senate or Republican members of the House, Democrats decided to remove the measure’s language from the budget proposal as lawmakers finalize next year’s Congressional budget.

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