“Three million dollars to a charity on a 27-dollar item. I really have to thank all of you at Fox for helping us with this. This has been overwhelming. If this money were going to some left-wing charity, the drive-by media would be all over this,” Limbaugh told the hosts.
“There’s no reason to tear down our history and certainly there’s no reason to tear down Betsy Ross. She is an American hero, maybe one of the first feminists," he added.
He said the success of the effort has spawned many "knock-offs" to surface online, forcing him to take possible legal action.
Frank Siller, who started Tunnel to Towers in memory of his brother - a New York firefighter who lost his life on 9/11 - said last week that he was "beyond words" over the shirt sales.
The new funds enabled the foundation to immediately pay off the mortgages of six more heroes, Siller said. Among the recipients was the family of Ohio police officer Steve Disario, whose wife was expecting their seventh child when he was killed in the line of duty in 2017.