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Stephanie Ruhle Tells Guest Republicans Won’t Vote For Kamala Harris Because She’s ‘Too Black’

Stephanie Ruhle Kamala Harris Is Too Black

After her Republican guest suggested Kamala Harris was “too far left” for even moderate Republicans to vote for her.

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle abhorrently responded “Or maybe she’s just too black”

During a discussion on what impact it have on President Trump’s reelection bid if Republican-turned-independent Justin Amash would run for president in 2020, Republican pollster, Chris Wilson said there would be no impact at all.
He is right of course, the only ones that would vote for Amash are the leftover 2016 Never Trumpers, who did not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in 2016.
In 2020 with an even more liberal leftist getting the Democrat nomination, once again they wouldn’t vote for either candidate, so if they did turn up and vote for Amash it would mean nothing.
Ruhle asked why these Never Trumpers wouldn’t vote for Kamala Harris?”
Wilson: “Just because she’s a little too far left,”
Ruhle seemed genuinely shocked at this asking “[On] what policy?”
Umm, like the $100 billion bribe she offered the black community that we reported on yesterday?
Wilson was amused that Ruhle could have been this deranged to even ask such an imbecile question, responded “Oh my god, where do you want me to start?”

He then began to mention Harris’s support for the abolition of private health insurance, but Ruhle spoke over him, saying, “Because it sounds like she’s more just ‘too black.'”
Wilson audibly sighed as if he sickened by the Democrats juvenile tactic of always playing the race card whenever they don’t like something they hear, responded “Okay, no. I mean, that’s absurd, Stephanie.”
“I get the Bernie and the Elizabeth Warren,” she said, “I just want to understand…”
“You really think there’s that much separation ideologically, between the three of them?” Wilson asked, saying he only mentioned them because they were the three frontrunners other than Biden.

Watch as Stephanie Ruhle tries to earn her DNC paycheck:

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