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Video: US Soccer Player Allie Long Throws US Flag on Grass During World Cup Victory Celebration

For some the United States flag is a revered symbol of the greatest nation on earth. For others it is a prop to be thrown away when not wanted for the cameras. Put U.S. soccer player Allie Long in the latter category.

During an on-field victory celebration of the U.S. women’s soccer team’s 2-0 defeat of the Netherlands in the World Cup championship in Lyon, France on Sunday, Long was seen dragging the U.S. flag on the grass as she set up for a photo-op with Megan Rapinoe–and then throwing the flag on the grass in response to Rapinoe pushing the flag away as they and a third player mugged for the cameras with the World Cup trophy held by Rapinoe.

Another U.S. player, identified by a viewer as Kelley O’Hara, seeing the disrespect for the flag by her fellow players, swooped in behind them and scooped the flag off the grass.

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