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VIRAL: Michelle Obama Says “There Are Too Many White People”

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Previous first woman Michelle Obama has dependably appeared to see the world through a bored focal point of racial inclination — simply like her better half, previous President Barack Obama.
While instances of her predisposition exist for quite a long time, the most recent one happened Oct. 3, when she conveyed a discourse at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in which she erroneously blamed the Republican Party for being “all men, all white,” as per Fox News.
She put together this preposterous end with respect to how the gathering of people dependably saw her significant other’s State of the Union locations.
“On one side of the room, it’s actually dark and white,” she said. “Truly, that is the shading palette on one side of the room.”
“On the opposite side of the room, there are yellows and blues and whites and greens,” she included. “Physically, there’s a distinction in shading … in light of the fact that one side — all men, all white. On the opposite side — a few ladies, a few non-white individuals.”
Most importantly, she was lying, as previous Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal clarified in a wry tweet he presented on Twitter following the gathering:

Second, regardless of whether the Republican Party were all white, which it’s not, for what reason would it matter? What’s more, what makes Michelle think every single white man are completely flawless duplicates of each other? The truth of the matter is they’re definitely not. What’s more, this is a point that was as of late noted by another dark lady — Denise Young Smith, the VP of consideration and decent variety at Apple. 
“(T)here can be 12 white, blue-looked at blonde men in a room and they will be various too on the grounds that they will bring an alternate beneficial affair and life point of view to the discussion,” she said at a board exchange on battling “racial treachery” held not long ago, as indicated by The Daily Wire. 
Precisely. Decent variety likewise incorporates assorted variety of thought — which, not amazingly, is the one kind of decent variety Michelle and her mates over or on the extreme left despise. 
Here’s the wiped out thing pretty much this: Smith was later compelled to apologize for saying reality. Michelle, then again, has been permitted to continue openly, regardless of her extensive history of making either genuinely off base or out and out supremacist explanations about white individuals. 
Indeed, a few dissidents even commended Michelle for what she said. I get it’s only a manifestation of the occasions in which we live that the genuine racists are lauded like saints while the individuals who talk the real truth are criticized and compelled to apologize. Dismal. 
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