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Watch Video: Flashback: Joe Biden Launched Presidential Campaign by Praising Antifa Terrorists

Former Vice President Joe Biden under Barack Obama launched his presidential campaign with a video where he endorsed the terrorist group Antifa.
In his opening video to launch his campaign Biden endorsed the antifa mob that gathered in Charlottesville to confront the racist supremacist groups.

Antifa beating journalist Andy Ngo
Biden selectively edited the president’s words on the violence and then called the Antifa mob a “courageous group of Americans.”
Transcript via The Daily Caller:
(Joe) describes the Antifa members who engaged violently with them as “a courageous group of Americans.”
“A violent clash ensued, and a brave young woman lost her life,” Biden says in the video. “And that’s when we heard the words of the president of the United States that stunned the world and shocked the conscience of this nation.”
“He said there were quote some very fine people on both sides. Very fine people on both sides? With those words, the President of the United States assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it.”
Of course, it was antifa terrorists in black masks who attacked the white supremacists in Charlottesville.
Democrats conveniently omit this in their telling of the story.

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