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Watch Video: Ilhan Omar Says US Treats Illegal Immigrants Worse Than at Home

Ilhan Omar_Al Sharpton

Yes, the answer is obvious to everyone else except Ilhan Omar and her Clueless Caucus.

If it is so bad here illegal immigrants can leave these US Border Holding Facilities, as long as they head South they’re free to go anything they like.

Ilhan Omar truly hates America, and with her constantly spewing of hate-America garbage, Americans both Republican, and surprisingly many Democrats, have truly grown to hate her as well.
Radical member of the ‘Clueless Caucus’ Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) joined Al Sharpton on Saturday to discuss the crisis on the border.

Ilhan Omar says there is a crisis on the border… Really?
Because that’s not what you said when President Trump announce a “National Emergency due to the Humanitarian disaster taking place at our Southern Border OVER SIX MONTHS AGO!

Ilhan Omar believes the border crisis emergency is not that the hundreds of thousands of illegals flooding into America overwhelming our immigration system.
Ilhan Omar believes the crisis is that the illegal aliens are being held by US border patrol in detention centers at all.

Ilhan Omar Got Together With Another Tax Scam Criminal Al Sharpton to Sh*t on America:

Well, thank you Al for having me. You know I think back to this famous poem from by Warson Shire, she says, “No one leaves for the mouth of the shark unless the mouth of the shark is safer than home.” And so we have heard in the testimonies from my colleagues that some of these people now who have fled are actually being faced with the more dangerous mouth of the shark. People are being stripped of their dignity. They are being caged, some of them children.

So Ilhan Omar believes the illegal aliens and fraudulent asylum seekers are facing greater danger here than in their home countries?
Then why don’t they go back?
As we wrote before if they head south they are free to go back to where they came from, and they can take Ilhan Omar with them.

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