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Watch Video: Ilhan Omar US Treats Illegal Immigrants Like Dogs Because America Is Racist.

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While Ilhan Omar truly hates America, and with her constantly spewing of hate-America garbage, it’s also a two-way street and Americans have grown to hate her as well.

Radical member of the ‘Clueless Caucus’ Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is doing her part to make sure President Donald Trump wins reelection in 2020.
The Democrats are doing nothing to stop Ilhan Omar, AOC and the rest of the Clueless Caucus from spewing their ‘We Hate America” garbage, I assume just want to see President Trump win in a landslide?

We just got through posting another article with a video of Ilhan Omar comparing America to the mouth of a shark.
Since they both are tax evaders, Ilhan Omar probably felt comfortable when she appeared as a guest with Al Sharpton:
Well, thank you Al for having me. You know I think back to this famous poem from by Warson Shire, she says, “No one leaves for the mouth of the shark unless the mouth of the shark is safer than home.” And so we have heard in the testimonies from my colleagues that some of these people now who have fled are actually being faced with the more dangerous mouth of the shark. People are being stripped of their dignity. They are being caged, some of them children.

That didn’t take long

In Ilhan Omar’s latest, latest, latest America is evil rant, she says Americans treat detained illegal aliens worse than dogs because we are a racist nation.
The Somali Muslim refugee that America saved from a life of hell, and then elected to Congress said:
“we live in a society and govern in a body that might value the life of a dog more than they value the life of a child who might not look like theirs”
What’s hysterical is she claims “What THEY are doing to Iran blah blah blah… Isn’t she part of the Government?
As a member of Congress that “They” crap she spews… Includes her.


Does Ilhan Omar actually have to wonder why she gets death threats? 

No wonder she’s a permanent member of the “Clueless Caucus.”
Hopefully, some Democrats will become so sick of her that they won’t stand in the way, and give the DOJ their blessings to investigate Ilhan Omar for marrying her brother in an effort to commit immigration fraud.
Then there are her filing joint tax returns with a man NOT her brother.
Then there is Ilhan Omar perjuring herself during testimony at her and her brother’s divorce proceedings.
Ilhan Omar went on another of her Hate-America rants claiming that Illegal Immigrants ‘are being stripped of their dignity.’

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