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Wendy Napoles Mother Of 11-Year-Old ‘Drag Kid,’ Blasts ‘Pedophile,’ Rips Conservative Media.

Desmond Napoles

OK, “Worst Mother of the Year” award winner Wendy Napoles let me get this right.

  1. Mother dresses 11-year-old up like a gay Ronald McDonald tripping on acid.
  2. Let’s him dance at a men’s club while gay adult men rain dollar bills upon her 11-year-old son.
  3. Gets upset that a convicted Pedo sexualized him and the
But “Worst Mother of the Year” Wendy Napoles rips into the Conservative press for daring to claim that she is purposely dressing her 11-year-old son as a drag queen to attract pedophiles, and the LGBTQ community of supporting this reprehensible mother?
And here I thought the Democrats were delusional over their “Russian Collusion Delusion
But “Worst Mother of the Year” Wendy Napoles’ diatribe is over-the-top in need of a rubber room Democrat delusional.
Even Michael Jackson would be like WTF is wrong with you woman? Oh, you’re a liberal… Nuff said.

“Worst Mother of the Year” Wendy Napoles Whines

In an Instagram post published last week,“Worst Mother of the Year” Wendy Napoles, the abhorrent supposed adult mother of 11-year-old drag queen Desmond Napoles aka “Desmond is Amazing” blasted a “convicted pedophile” for being a… You guessed it! A PEDOPHILE!

Wendy Napoles Supposed Adult Mother

“This is extremely disturbing. Convicted pedophile Tom O’Carroll has written a blog post stating that Desmond is hot & feels sexy performing,” wrote Napoles.
“He also sexualizes fellow drag kid Queen Lactatia.” wrote the liberal loony toon mother, before adding:
“We do not approve of his statements & have written to [] several times but they have yet to remove it. It is highly inappropriate to speak of minors in this manner,”
Funny, because when many people hit the ‘Inappropriate’ button on her videos showing her drag queen son, all of a sudden this same moron screams “Freedom of speech” and accuses everyone of being a bigoted Homophobes.
Did you expect anything less from a “Do as I say, not as I do” liberal loon?
Turning her attention to “conservative media,” Napoles whined:
“First, the Conservative press is currently accusing us of purposely attracting pedophiles & accusing the LGBTQ community of supporting this.
What Tom O’Carroll has said is out of our control & we do not know him or associate with him or any other pedophiles or sex offenders. I think if a pedophile wants to act on their urges, NO child is safe.”

“Worst Mother of the Year” Wendy Napoles Idiocy.

Wendy Napoles claimed that her preteen son is never sexualized while performing in drag, as dollar bills rain down while he danced on stage surrounded by adult gay men.

“Desmond does not move in a sexual manner or strip, at all.
He has done costume reveals that reveal a fully covered costume underneath. He is never ‘scantily clad’ or nearly naked & always is age appropriate.
He does celebrity impersonations & does not choose to do sexy celebrities.”
As we stated earlier, Desmond’s parents made waves last year when the “drag kid” performed a dance number in full drag at a New York City gay bar.
As he removed his jacket and bounced around on stage, howling men handed the 11-year-old drag queen, dollar bills.
The sickening scene was captured on video, sparking a backlash from the public, calling attention to this “Worst Mother of the Year” award winner for engaging in the sexualization of her 11-year-old son.
Then there are the parents setting up a website for her drag queen son that includes a link for “bookings.”
Napoles also claimed her son is “an actor & model,” and of course, unicorns can fly while pooping rainbows.
“Desmond loves what he does & is never forced to do anything. He chooses everything from his costumes, makeup, songs, etc.” Napoles wrote as if an 11-year-old dressing like a drag Queen and posing with naked men somehow makes everything legitimate?

“Worst Mother of the Year” Wendy Napoles claims 11-year-old son “came out as gay when he was 11.”

Not for nothing but when I was 11 years old, I thought I was Steve Austin “The Six-Million-Dollar Man.
That dream died hard when I tried to lift my bathroom sink while simultaneously doing the “Na-na-na-na-na” sound effects.
The next day when “Na-na-na-na-naing” days were over when I was wheeled into the operating room for emergency surgery to repair my Double Hernia.
That is a TRUE STORY, and I still have the scars to prove it.
The point being because an 11-year-old “believes” he’s something, doesn’t actually make it a reality.
Plus there’s that whole “Influenced by your surroundings” thingy, just sayin!

“Worst Mother of the Year” Wendy Napoles Son Gets Promoted By Mainstream Media.

Amazingly the same media and Hollywood players that are quick to cry about the vulgarity of President Donald Trump because he called MS-13 gang-banger killers “Animals,” or that he labeled California a “Shithole.”
Wait. What? Trump was calling 3rd world countries “Shitholes”? And your point is what exactly? That President Trump didn’t actually say 3rd world State when describing Californians pooping in the streets, and the states out of control homeless and rat problem?
But I digress…
The same media attacking Trump is the exact same media that promotes an 11-year-old drag queen as ‘Brave and Bold.’
“Worst Mother of the Year” Wendy Napoles concluded:
“We are just appalled at this whole situation.”
This is proof that even if you’re on the opposite side of the political spectrum, two people can still agree on something because “We are just as appalled about this whole situation” as “Worst Mother of the Year” Wendy Napoles is.
Of course, what we’re appalled at and what “Worst Mother of the Year” Wendy Napoles is appalled at, I’m pretty sure aren’t the same things.

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