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African Migrant raped 74-year old nursing home patient in Texas

African ‘Migrant’ Raped 74-Year-Old Nursing Home Patient In Texas

FORT WORTH, TX ( – A Kenyan man in Texas, has been jailed for life after being found guilty of aggravated sexual assault on an elderly and disabled person.
On Thursday, Anthony Mamboleo Nyakeo was found guilty beyond reasonable doubt by a Dallas court for sexually assaulting the said 74-year-old woman, who was under his care.
Nyakeo reportedly took advantage of the fact that the woman could not move or speak, to commit the heinous act.
During the trial, the court was told that the suspect went ahead and committed the revolting act, despite having full knowledge that the woman could not consent to sex or resist his advances because of her mental condition.
She could not speak, feed herself or use the bathroom on her own as she wore a diaper and relied on staff,” Jordan Rolfe, the lead prosecutor told the court.
Rolfe told the court that every male member of the facility was asked to submit to DNA tests, and Nyakio’s was the one that matched that in the condom found at the scene of the crime.
The Star-Telegram reported that Nyakeo testified that somebody planted his DNA from a used condom in the body of the victim.
“I just gave her a shower and took her to the dining area, ” he defended himself.
One of his female co-workers, however, testified against Nyakeo’s assertion by disclosing that the state the victim was in when she came across her, indicated sexual assault.


“It is not something you see happening every day, especially to an elderly woman in that age, at least not to my knowledge,” she regretted.
The victim, whose identity has not been released, died in 2018, from Alzheimer’s disease, aged 75.

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