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After Michelle Says She’s “Forever First Lady,” James Woods BRUTALLY Humiliates Her

Michelle Obama likes to call herself America’s first lady, but that is wrong at so many levels. She is not our first lady. We have a first lady, and that’s not Michelle. We are done with her. Can you imagine people’s reaction when she said she is our “forever first lady?”
Michelle held a speech in front of a group of high school seniors at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The youngsters were there for the College Signing Day event. Michelle was there, too. She was accompanied by Robert De Niro, Rebel Wilson, Bradley Cooper, Karlie Kloss, Ciara, Janelle Monae and Zendaya.
The event was all about the kids, but Michelle used it to talk about herself. That’s her style. It is stronger than her.
“The only reason I am standing here today is because I was where you were way back when. I was a kid who grew up on the south side of Chicago. I went to public schools my entire life, and when I decided that I wanted to go to college and I applied — Do you know what one of my college counselors told me? She told me don’t set my sights too high. Yeah, she told me that some of the schools that I was trying to apply to, maybe they were too hard for me,” Michelle said.
“Shoot, when Barack and I set foot in the White House, it was a struggle. There were a lot of people who told us that we weren’t supposed to be in the White House. That we couldn’t handle the pressure, that we weren’t ready. So I’m telling you, they will doubt you today and they will doubt you for the rest of your life, but you will have some struggle and that’s okay,” the former first lady added.
“I’m not one of those doubters. I know you have everything it takes to succeed. I know you are me, and if I can be standing here as your forever first lady, then you can do anything you put your mind to,” she added.
Well, James Woods was not ready to hear her stuff once again. “Wit all due respect, you aren’t ‘forever First Lady.’ No one is, nor should anyone be. Pump your brakes a tad,” the actor tweeted.

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