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Alabama Republican Party Approves Resolution to Oust Ilhan Omar From Congress

Alabama’s Republican Party has passed a resolution to urge their congressional delegation to oust Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar from Congress.

The resolution was passed by voice vote at the state party’s meeting over the weekend after being proposed by State Rep. Tommy Hanes of Scottsboro.
“Rep. Omar has engaged in rhetoric that explicitly runs counter to American values and patriotism by falsely accusing U.S. armed forces of committing war crimes while on mission to liberate her home country of Somalia,” the resolution noted according to a report from AL, it adds that Omar also “dismissed the 9/11 terror attacks” and “sympathized with a convicted terrorist” by advocating for “sentencing leniency.”
“Omar has a disturbing record of using anti-Semitic language that includes alleging Jewish money is used to buy American influence regarding its policy toward Israel,” the resolution continued.
By passing the resolution, the state party is calling on their congressional delegates to “proceed with the expulsion process.”

The resolution says that the Alabama Republican Party formally “urges its elected congressional delegation to proceed with the expulsion process in accordance to Article 1, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution to expel Rep. Ilhan Omar from the United States House of Representatives.”

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