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California Department of Education to start teaching students Capitalism is racist


 Reports: At issue - the state's Department of Education has solicited public comments on a new "Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum" until Aug. 15, which will dictate how public school teachers can instruct their students in the field of "ethnic studies." It was created by an advisory board of teachers, academics and bureaucrats - and "It's as bad as you imagine," writes Evers.  Ethnic studies is described in the document as “the interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity with an emphasis on experiences of people of color in the United States.” But that’s not all it is. “It is the study of intersectional and ancestral roots, coloniality, hegemony, and a dignified world where many worlds fit, for present and future generations.” It is the “xdisciplinary [sic], loving, and critical praxis of holistic humanity.”
The document is filled with fashionable academic jargon like “positionalities,” “hybridities,” “nepantlas” and “misogynoir.” It includes faddish social-science lingo like “cis-heteropatriarchy” that may make sense to radical university professors and activists but doesn’t mean much to the regular folks who send their children to California’s public schools. It is difficult to comprehend the depth and breadth of the ideological bias and misrepresentations without reading the whole curriculum—something few will want to do. Begin with economics. Capitalism is described as a “form of power and oppression,” alongside “patriarchy,” “racism,” “white supremacy” and “ableism.” Capitalism and capitalists appear as villains several times in the document. -WSJ
The same state that just approved election interference by taking Trump off the 2020 ballot until Trump's tax returns are made public is now the same state looking to teach children that capitalism is racist. Not only all that but the State of California which is looking and planning to teach American children that capitalism is racist, is the same state that will put illegal aliens over the American children they are preparing to teach that capitalism is racist. The State of California truly needs some kind of saving, as the State of California is continually looking like something out of Soviet Russia more than anything else. Pretty soon in California birds that are white will be declared racist or individuals who own homes will be declared racist.

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