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Cherokee Nation Claims a Seat in the House of Representatives

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Everything old is new again. The Cherokee Nation is now claiming a seat in the House of Representatives and they just might get it.
Turns out they were promised a House seat in the treaty signed in 1835 that culminated with the “Trail of Tears” in 1838-39. Given the social justice climate we now live in it would seem pretty tough to turn the Cherokee Nation down, especially if all they want is a non-voting seat much like some U.S. territories.
If the Cherokee Nation wants a voting seat that could change the balance of power and make it much more difficult for our government to agree to.
Via CNN:
The Cherokee Nation announced Thursday that it intends to appoint a delegate to the US House of Representatives, asserting for the first time a right promised to the tribe in a nearly 200-year-old treaty with the federal government.
It was a historic step for the Oklahoma-based Cherokee Nation and its nearly 370,000 members, coming about a week after Chuck Hoskin Jr. was sworn in as principal chief of the tribe. The Cherokee Nation says it’s the largest tribal nation in the US and one of three federally recognized Cherokee tribes.
The move raises questions about what that representation in Congress would look like and whether the US will honor an agreement it made almost two centuries ago.
Having a delegate in the House would fundamentally alter the relationship between the US government and the Cherokee Nation, Rosser wrote in a 2005 article for the Boston University Public Interest Law Journal.
Right now, the federal government and Native American tribes largely operate as two sovereign nations that interact with one another, Rosser said. Representation in the House would incorporate the Cherokee Nation into the US government itself.

The two other Cherokee tribes recognized by the federal government are the United Keetoowah Band in Oklahoma, which has about 14,000 citizens, and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina, which has about 16,000 citizens. It’s unclear if they would have the same right to appoint a delegate.
There may be a lot of these types of treaties laying around and if the Cherokee Nation gets its way expect to see a lot more of this type of thing to come.

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