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Dayton, Ohio shooter reported as a supporter of Antifa


Is the truth of these mass shootings starting to come to the surface, because it's now being reported that the Dayton, Ohio mass shooter Connor Betts is a supporter of Antifa. With the connection to the Dayton, Ohio mass shooter being a known supporter of Antifa as now being reported, it could very likely and possibly be that Connor Betts who killed nine in a Dayton, Ohio bar shooting could very likely be an Antifa member. Currently individuals on the Left are blaming 8chan where Q makes posts and also blaming video games, but the truth is coming out that these recent shooters are registered Democrats with access to guns and the Dayton, Ohio shooter is now known as an Antifa supporter...Which likely means you know. Looks like if this connection to Antifa further develops...Trump now has the support to declare Antifa a terror organization.

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