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De Blasio Poised to Solve "Inequality" By Eliminating Gifted and Talented Program From NYC Schools

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The left is getting crazier by the day.
It’s as if they took Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and turned both books into “how to” manuals rather than the warnings they were meant to be.
The latest example. A De Blasio appointed commission has recommended solving the “inequality problem” in the NYC public school system by eliminating the Gifted and Talented program.
The commission members believe that eliminating the Gifted and Talented Program will “desegregate” the schools by mixing the gifted students with everyone else.
Via the New York Post:
Arguing that such programs perpetuate racial inequality because they’re comprised mostly of white and Asian students, the School Diversity Advisory Group called on de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza to ditch the current G&T system, according to recommendations released Monday.
The panel also recommended tossing academic admissions screening for middle schools and most high schools.
But even the panel acknowledged that the proposed sweeping change could induce the widespread flight of those same thriving students from the system — leaving city schools bereft of crucial talent and still not integrated.
No matter how you look at it this proposal, likely to be adopted, is purely nuts.
What the commission is basically proposing is that gifted kids either teach themselves or accept a slower paced curriculum.
Teachers should spend most of their time with students who need the most help which means gifted students who want to accelerate their studies will be forced to do so on their own with limited guidance or help.
Alternatively they would be forced to accept the easier and slower pace of the general student population.
This approach will only serve to handicap the gifted students while harming the rest of the students, as Jonathan Turley explains:
Two things are likely. First, these gifted students are likely to push the scores and ranking of other students down. Currently, students in the other programs can still excel and achieve high rankings in their classes in seeking college positions. They will now likely find themselves less competitive. Classes are likely to be dominated by gifted students with teachers struggling to keep both sets of students engaged.


Second, many gifted students will simply leave and calls for vouchers will increase. This will achieve the desegregation interests of the panel by reducing the diversity of the system overall.
If I lived in New York City and had kids in the public school system I’d be very angry at the politician’s willingness to experiment with, and handicap my children.
The Democratic party goes further and further left each day, and each and every day their policy proposals get nuttier and nuttier.
Lets hope that voters are smarter than this, and make the right choice next November.

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