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Liberal DC Woman Murdered In Knife Attack By Ethiopian Man

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A self-proclaimed Ethiopian man murdered a young dog walker and intern on a Washington D.C. street in a random knife attack.
Margery Magill, 27, was from California and was working as a program director in Washington D.C. and doing some work as a dog walker for the app Rover, NBC News reported.
On Tuesday she was walking a dog when Eliyas Aregahegne, 24, who described himself as Ethiopian on Facebook, apparently attacked her at random with a knife.
“It’s absolutely tragic. I still can’t wrap my head around it, the victim’s sister, Raeann Magill, said in an interview with News 4.
“You know, out walking a dog and to be attacked like that. How can anyone even fathom that? I mean, it’s truly tragic and I even think to myself, why her?” she said.
“I heard a scream and then a ‘Oh no!’ and then another scream,” Chris Chambers, a resident near the scene of the attack, said.
“Came downstairs and came out with my wife and all we saw was a dog across the street with a leash and no human and we knew something was wrong,” the man said.
“We looked down and we found the young lady on the sidewalk in front of our house bleeding,” he said to News 4.
McGill was also heard shouting “help me” before she died on the sidewalk. Police arrested Aregahegne and charged him with first degree murder.
“She loved the city. She loved the energy. She really wanted to build her career here and thrive off of the energy that was Washington, D.C.,” her sister said.
“18 y/o, Aries🐏. Ethiopian. UW-Madison Class of 2017,” the alleged murderer said on Instagram but on Facebook he has his hometown as Washington, D.C.
In 2017 the Washington, D.C. Police said on Twitter that he was a missing person and asked for help in locating him.

“#MissingPerson Eliyas Wendale Aregahegne, 22, last seen 7/15 in 3000 b/o 14th St, NW. Seen him? Call 202-727-9099 or text 50411,” it said.
“She had more of a life in her 27 years than a lot of people have in their whole lives,” her dad, Jeffrey Magill, said to The Washington Post.
Jeffrey Magill described his daughter as a “handful” while growing up, noting she challenged her teachers as early as kindergarten. “She was stubborn, quite opinionated,” her father said, but also “a model kid” who studied hard and played the guitar. They disagreed on politics — he a supporter of President Trump, she a liberal who attended Barack Obama’s first inauguration and joined the Women’s March.
Margery Magill graduated from the University of California at Davis and participated in a program that landed her a job with the Jane Goodall Institute. Her jobs after college varied from grain merchandiser to helping a company that produces trivia games.
She maintained her interest in higher education, and she recently worked with a group connecting college students to jobs in agriculture. Co-worker Brytann Busick called her a “natural leader” and “the most outwardly friendly of the group.” Busick added: “She followed her passions; she was into a lot of things. She always had a smile on her face, always.”
Magill graduated this year from the University of Westminster in London with a master’s degree in international relations. She moved to the District, working as project coordinator at the Washington Center helping place graduate students in jobs and internships around the world.

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