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More to Walmart Shooting, Sources Tell Reporter: Claim of Second Suspect Killed by Police; El Paso Chosen for a Reason; Walmart in Nearby Socorro, Texas Abruptly Closed

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Washington Examiner reporter Anna Giaritelli posted several tweets Saturday night about the mass shooting at the El Paso Walmart and Cielo Vista Mall that killed 20 and wounded 26.
Giaritelli stated there is more to the story than is being told according to her sources.
Giaritelli says a law enforcement source–the same one who gave the name and age of arrested suspect Patrick Crusius–has told her a second suspect was killed by police, noting that contradicts the mayor.

She also says there is a reason the suspect committed the attack in El Paso rather than his hometown of Allen, Texas. And she pointed out a nearby Walmart that abruptly closed Saturday afternoon after consulting with law enforcement. That Walmart, located in Socorro, Texas, is just about 15 miles southeast of El Paso.
“According to my law enforcement source in El Paso (who gave me the apprehended shooter’s name and age): A 2nd suspect was killed when police responded to the Walmart shooting. Police have not disclosed this info yet. Mayor says otherwise but my source says 2nd suspect is dead.”
“There’s a reason the Walmart shooter in custody went to El Paso instead of carrying out the attack in his hometown in Allen, Texas … I can’t share info yet but it’ll all make sense soon. There is a lot more to the story than what networks are reporting.”


Tweets by the City of Socorro stating there was no threat to their local Walmart and then abruptly announcing it was closing two hours later.

“In response today’s active shooter, and the public’s concern #SocorroPD will be posting units outside of the neighborhood Walmart at 10301 Alameda. THERE IS NO THREAT. Just wanting to keep our community’s peace of mind to shop comfortably.”
And two hours later:

Giaritelli has traveled to El Paso and other border towns many times this year, covering the immigration story and developing sources. She was also the reporter for the controversial report last month that claimed no new borders walls have been built by President Trump.

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