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MSM Still Hiding Dayton Shooter Being An Antifa Liberal Democrat

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Almost a Week Has Past Since Last Weeks Two Horrific Mass Shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio

And Mainstream Media (MSM) Still Continues to Cover-Up The Fact That The Dayton Mass-Shooter Was A Liberal Progressive Democrat POS Antifa Member.

It’s simply astonishing that Mainstream Media News (MSM) led by the Clown News Network can even question why they’re being called “Fake News” and/or “The Enemy Of The People”?
It’s not hard to understand why no one trusts the mainstream media any longer when they blatantly refuse to cover any story that places Democrats in a bad light or doesn’t fit their ‘Orange Man Bad’ mental midget mentality.
Please Note: As is our policy we try never to publish the name of any mass-murdering POS. They need to be shunned not publicize.
Nearly a week has passed since the shocking news of a second mass-shooting occurring in Dayton, Ohio just hours after the horrific shooting took place in El Paso, Texas.
The POS Dayton murdering scum slaughtered nine innocent people of the 31 innocent lives that were taken last weekend.
But despite these two tragedies taking place within hours of each other, unlike the El Paso shooter, MSM has shied away from reporting on the Dayton mass-murdering POS.
The answer is obvious why they do not, it’s because the Dayton shooters background is, politically speaking, the polar opposite of the El Paso mass-murdering POS.

No question he attended an Antifa armed protest in Dayton In May 2019

In May of this year the fake news media were running around as if their hair was on fire reporting on Dayton city officials granting a license to hold a Nazi/KKK rally.
In the days leading up to the racist rally, MSM were reporting that this would be the largest gathering of Nazi skinheads this side of Germany.
Worse, they covered the story as if this will show the world just how racist America has become under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump.
Nine… Count them NINE whole Nazi, KKK loving racist douche bags showed up for what MSM publicized as the biggest white supremest rally in the history of the United States.
But according to Dayton’s local news station WHIO, spurred on by MSMs over-hype one person who did attend that rally to protest against the Ku Klux Klan was none other than the Dayton Mass-Shooter.
WHIO reported that the Dayton mass-shooter spoke briefly to a reporter while he was wearing a bandanna and sunglasses covering most of his face, and armed with a rifle that appears to be the same one he used last weekend to slaughter nine innocent people.
This information, only added to the mountain of evidence we’ve already seen of the shooter’s far-left extremist political ideology.
Despite it being verified, and re-verified MSM still refuses to report the facts because it doesn’t fit their Democrat masters narrative that “Trump words are inciting violence

CNN The Clown News Network Is Simply Pathetic

If you truly want to see how evil and in the tank for the Democrats CNN has become then do a search on CNN’s website using this Dayton Mass-Murdering POS name.
Here are some of the top stories that appear, of course, the only hint of the Dayton shooters left-wing extremism starts with “Trump Alleges.
As we already know, according to the liberal left media, if it reads “Trump Alleges” they might as well had written ‘Trump lied’.

Now do the same search on CNN using the El Paso Mass-Murdering POS name and their agenda become crystal clear.

A Few Screen Shots From The Dayton Mass-Shooters Social Media Account

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