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Proud Of Trump: President Trump Cuts Off One of His Closest Friends Over Corruption Claims

President Trump just cut off one of his oldest and closest friends, Tom Barrack, over claims he abused his position as chairman of the President’s inauguration fund, Politico reports.
The two men are reportedly so close that Barrack comforted the President at his father’s funeral, and Trump would often call several times per day in the early days of his administration for advice on various matters.
Via Politico:
The key issue driving the two men apart: Barrack’s role as chairman of the president’s 2017 inauguration fund, which is under investigation by prosecutors.
Trump was “really upset” to read reports about Barrack’s role in allegedly making it easy for some foreigners and others to try to spend money to get access to Trump and his inner circle and whether some of the inauguration money was misspent, according to a senior administration official.
“The president was really surprised to read all about the inauguration and who was trying to buy access and how, because the president doesn’t get any of that money,” said the official.
This is a really big deal. If the President’s close friend abused his position then Trump is right to be upset and cut ties.
Barrack disputes this account however:
But a spokesman for Barrack, Owen Blicksilver, pushed back on the notion that the two are no longer friendly.
“The relationship between Mr. Barrack and the president remains unchanged,” he said in a statement. “They have been friends for 40 years and Tom has great respect for President Trump and the incredibly daunting task of executing the job of president of the United States. Just as the president has worked 24/7 to lead the strongest economy in the last 50 years, Mr. Barrack also has a 24/7 responsibility leading a business he created 26 years ago.”
The Democrats are out for blood and will try and destroy anyone associated with the President for any pretext they can find.
If Tom Barrack has done anything remotely wrong, he’s in very hot water at the moment.
Be interesting to see how this all turns out. That said, it won’t have any impact on the President’s re-election chances, no matter what Democrats have to say about it.
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