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Talib Said Palestinians Who Murdered Teen Girl Are The Victims

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Michigan Rep. Rashida Talib did the unthinkable after a 17-year-old girl was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in Israel.
She found a way blame the state of Israel for the murder of the teenager at the hands of the people she continues to fight for.
“This is absolutely tragic & horrible. My heart goes out to Rina’s family. More than ever we need to support nonviolent approaches to ending the Israeli occupation and guaranteeing equal rights for all. Extremism that puts innocent lives at risk moves us no closer to peace,” she said. 

She said this as she tweeted a statement from If Not Now, a group of Jewish Americans who also believe Israel is occupying Palestinian lands.
“We are mourning the death of Rina Shnerb, who was only 17 years old. Our thoughts are with her friends and family.
“We’re not confused: the rightward drift of Israeli and US govts make the situation on the ground less safe for Israelis and Palestinians,” it said.

The Jewish newspaper Haaretz reportedthat the young woman was murdered, and her dad and brother wounded, in the attack.
A 17-year-old Israeli was killed in an explosion near the West Bank settlement of Dolev on Friday caused by an improvised explosive device, the Israeli army said. She was hiking with her father and brother, who were moderately and seriously wounded, respectively.
According to the military, it remains unclear whether the charge was hidden at the site of the explosion or thrown at the family that was hiking there. The army has ruled out the possibility that the charge was hurled out of a moving vehicle and said it appeared the device was home-made.
A military helicopter evacuated the wounded – the 46-year-old father and his son, aged 21 – to Hadassah hospital in Ein Kerem. The father is said to be conscious and in moderate condition, while his son suffered bruises and wounds to his entire body. The son is sedated and on life support.
Rina Shnerb was pronounced dead at the scene. Hundreds attended her funeral in the afternoon in her hometown of Lod, where her family runs a charity center that provides clothes and food to hundreds of impoverished families.
“Many forces were deployed to the area. The head of central command, the division commander, and other commanders are in the field and conducting an assessment of the situation.


“IDF troops are scanning the area, blocking roads and are boosting security in the area,” The Israeli army said in a statement to Haaretz.
There is nothing Rep. Talib and Rep. Ilhan Omar, who blamed Israel for Palestinians banning LGBTQ activities, will not blame Israel for.
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