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Trump Shreds Juan Williams And Chaos Ensues

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President Donald Trump shredded Fox News commentator Juan Williams after Williams took a swipe at him.
It started on Sunday when Williams was on Fox News and talked about the president’s tactics with China in the ongoing trade war.
“I think Trump’s brutish approach is the problem,” Williams said as he agreed that some action had to be taken against China.
“It’s not just Democrats who say, ‘Hey, this guy is inartful.’ The Wall Street Journal has said that — he then attacked the Wall Street Journal at a rally this week.
“But I think that what you see here is that Trump’s unpredictability, Dana, then risks global recession, and you can’t do that. I mean, clearly, unpredictability is something that really scares Wall Street, because it depresses the likelihood of capital investment, which is necessary for stock growth,” he said.

Williams was talking to host Dana Perino who was filling in for Chris Wallace, and President Trump did not like what he heard.
“Juan Williams at @FoxNews is so pathetic, and yet when he met me in the Fox Building lobby, he couldn’t have been nicer as he asked me to take a picture of him and me for his family. Yet he is always nasty and wrong!” he said.
The president’s comments on the Fox News commentator were welcomed by many of his fans but not by Democrats.

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