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Watch Video: Dems On MSNBC Now Spreading Conspiracy Theory That Trump Has Alzheimer’s

You question Joe Biden’s or Hillary Clinton’s mental health and you’re a monster.
Question President Trump’s mental fitness and you’ll get away with it because Trump is a monster.
Liberals. SMH.
Check out a recent MSNBC panel claiming 45 might be suffering from Alzheimer’s…

From NewsBusters:
Alheimer’s? Yes! That’s just the ticket. Since the Mueller Report definitely showed that there was no Trump-Russia collusion, impeachment is no longer an option. So what to do? Why, pretend that President Donald Trump is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and suggest his removal via the 25th Amendment.
That was the wild idea of Nicolle Wallace and her MSNBC panel, including Al Sharpton, on her Deadline: White House show on Friday. The funniest thing about this fantasy is they think the big roadblock to it happening is that his cabinet is not intact.

You never hear about a conservative accidentally making a liberal’s point for them.
That’s because conservatives have facts on their side, while liberals are being stubborn just to be stubborn; to redefine something they don’t like.
Check out this MSNBC reporter unknowingly explaining why the Second Amendment is so vital while discussing the turbulence in Venezuela…
From Daily Wire:

[Kerry] Sanders noted that [Nicolas] Maduro still maintained control of the military through the whole ordeal, adding: “You have to understand, in Venezuela gun ownership is not something that’s open to everybody. So if the military have the guns, they have the power and as long as Nicolás Maduro controls the military, he controls the country.”
Sanders comments came after an armored Venezuelan military vehicle plowed into a crowd of protesters earlier in the day in a video clip that went viral and was seen around the world.


You’re spot on, Kerry Sanders. If the government has all the guns, they can do whatever they please.
It’s too bad Democrats won’t acknowledge this fact and the importance of the Second Amendment.

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