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Watch Video: Portland Braces For “END DOMESTIC TERRORISM” Rally and Antifa Counter-Protest

Another month, another pair of dueling protests in the People’s Republic of Portland on Saturday morning. Joe Biggs and the Proud Boys are staging an event called “End  Domestic Terrorism” in response to Andy Ngo being attacked and the city’s overall preferential treatment given to antifa. Rose City Antifa, meanwhile, is staging their own counter protest. The DSA, along with various other leftist organizations, are planning diversity of tactics disruptions, such as the “Banana Bloc Dance Party” and the “Shit Show Poop Bloc” or the tampon-themed “Tamp Out Hate” put on by mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone.
Expecting mass violence, rumors are abound that the national guard might get called in, since the poortland “police” are short staffed. One former officer tells the Gateway Pundit that there are now 180 vacancies out of 1001 sworn positions. In fact, “police” chief Danielle Outlaw is claiming that this is “all hands on deck” and no one is allowed to have the day off. In a mini fued, the feds could be involved too, but Outlaw is trying to claim that she can handle it on her own.
Police have essentially declared parts of downtown to be NO GO zones, and are urging people to avoid the area. Several businesses plan on shutting down for the day. Police are also shutting down one of the main bridgesinto downtown.
Pro antifa vichy “mayor” Ted Wheeler had a Freudian slip and referred to Portland as a “shitty city” while appearing on FOX news.

The pretend “mayor” gathered up a bunch of talking heads from various leftist shill organizations urging people to cancel the protests.
Meanwhile, not a single arrest has been made after journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by several black clad antifa thugs.

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