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Watch Video: Rep. Lee: ‘America Ready’ For Reparations Because Of Trump’s ‘Attitude

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) has been on a tear concerning slavery reparations this year. She’s fixated on getting money for nothing for those who were never slaves from those who never owned slaves. Yesterday, she went on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” and said Americans were ready for the “descendants of slavery” to receive reparations because of President Donald Trump’s “attitude.” No, they are not.
Let me get this straight… she doesn’t like Trump’s attitude so she figures Americans will be willing to fork over their hard-earned money to the entitled crowd. I don’t think so. If this is the best case Lee can make, she might as well pack it in. But she’s giving it the ole’ racist, history revisionist, Marxist try.
Lee said, “The commission would study reparation proposals. We would not dictate to the commission its design but, clearly, it would be designed for those descendants of slavery. Tragically, 250 years of slavery in the United States for those enslaved Africans did not receive workman’s comp, salary, 401(k), or anything, and literally built the wealth of the United States and Europe. That’s why it was called the trans-Atlantic slave trade, taking enslaved Africans from Africa, frankly, from many parts of Africa. This commission would have the authority appointed by the President, the Majority Leader, the Speaker, and scholars, to really dig deep, something that we have never done before and to design the response.”

She added, “I think America is ready for this because of what we have been going through in the last couple of weeks, because of the attitude of our Commander-in-Chief, and because of what we have seen. The dastardly impacts of white nationalism, white supremacy, and outright racism that has impacted others but certainly has impacted over the decades and centuries African-Americans, the descendants of enslaved Africans.”
What about black nationalism and black supremacy? What about the fact that the first slaves in this country were white, indentured servants? Do facts even matter anymore?
“We’re not a broke country. We’re, in fact, a prosperous country if our funds would be directed not to, if I might say, the top 1%, but really to people who are in need. But I do believe the country has a capacity and now is the time in this horrible atmosphere that we’re in to really move toward reconciliation and understanding,” Lee said.
Lee referenced her recent trip with the Congressional Black Caucus to Ghana and her meeting with its president. She said now is the time to push for reparations. Many of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have either supported the study of reparations or offered a full endorsement. And not just for black Americans, but Native Americans as well. See Elizabeth Warren.
Under the Texas Democrat’s proposal, a commission would be created to determine who would receive the payments and how much. And you can bet that it would be a socialist’s dream-come-true with wealth redistribution targeting the black community as the beneficiaries. Probably in the form of outrageous taxation. That’s stealing in the name of race by way of corrupt bureaucrats that only see color and not reality.

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