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Watch Video: Stacey Abrams: We Must Secure Democracy Or We’ll Be Speaking Russian By 2030

Stacey Abrams Warns We will be speaking Russian by 2030

Every time you think the Democrats couldn’t get any more absurdly demented than they already are, another one grabs the wheel and drives that liberal crazy train right off the tracks.

Georgia gubernatorial loser and Legend in Her Own Mind Stacey Abrams, who went full Russian Collusion Delusion yesterday while speaking to an event called National Security Action Forum put on by some leftist organization.
Of course, the hilarity of this organizations name is they couldn’t give a damn about America’s national security.
The Georgia people of color Pillsbury doughgirl put down her m&m’s long enough to spew about the Democrat forever fantasy of “voter suppression,” and it turned epic.
Epic in an utterly and pitifully demented and absurd way, that is.
Channeling her inner Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams rambled on, blaming her losing the Georgia governors race, not on the 55,000 votes she lost by, Abrams said she lost because of “voter suppression” and of course, those damn Russians.
Stacey Abrams said voter suppression a national security threat to the nation:
“If we do not secure our democracy in 2020 … we will be having a very different conversation, potentially in Russian, in 2030.

Really, Stacey Abrams?

Stacey Abrams is crying that the Russians are not only meddling in our election, stole her victory in Georgia, but in a decade they’ll steal our ability to speak English ?
How do they come up with something this asinine and still believe America takes them seriously?
Democrats have pretty much succumbed to their raging dementia and are truly taking this Russian Collusion Delusion to the extreme.
Like how they scream “Climate Change,” the moment one rain drop falls, the Democrats will cry “Russia’s To Blame” as their excuse for anything that the Democrats deem horrific, and for every election they lose.

The Real National Security Threat

The real threat to America and Freedom are leftist groups such as the National Security Action Forum, and others who spread these fearmongering lies.
The Democrats blatantly ignoring a 35 million dollar, 2 year-long investigation because it came to the conclusion that the Witch hunt against Donald Trump was indeed a “Witch Hunt.”
This type of Democrat delusional thinking is far more dangerous than some Russian trolls buying a few Facebook ads and posting memes like this one.
Does anyone seriously believe a meme like this one would change a single vote?
Hillary Clinton for prison, Huma, Mills, lynch Chain Gang
And if the person did change their vote, I submit they shouldn’t have been allowed to be voting in the first place.
The real threat to our nation is that a grossly overweight loser and pathological liar like Stacey Abrams can be broadly considered by one of our two major political parties as a perfectly fine vice presidential running mate for one of the 287 Democrats running in 2020.
Understand the amount of insanity that it takes for Stacey Abrams to believe that we’ll all be speaking Russian by 2030 if Donald Trump is re-elected.

One Heartbeat Away

What is more frightening is the fact, that the only reason she decided not to run for the Georgia Senate seat in 2020, was because she’s passed the Joe Biden ‘pandering to blacks’ sniff test and Stacey Abrams will be chosen as his running mate.
Even more frightening, Joe Biden will be celebrating his 118th birthday in 2020, so this mentally challenged moron will only be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.
What makes the Democrats Russian Collusion Delusion even more pathetic is the fact, that in 2012 Mitt Romney (who I despise) was mercilessly panned and ridiculed by every media outlet and late-night television host for weeks, for claiming Russia is America’s #1 threat.
Just five years later a barely-coherent Democrat loser from Georgia with a bucket of KFC under one arm and screaming “More Cheese Puffs,” Wait, sorry, I meant to say “THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING… THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING” has every Democrat sheep, and the DNC fake news media puppets nodding in agreement like a bunch of bobble-head dolls with busted springs.

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