“The US investigation is focusing on several potential victims in the hope that they can provide more details about Prince Andrew and his connection to the Epstein case,” a source from the Department of Justice told the Sunday Times. The source added that “they are not going to dismiss it [claims relating to Andrew] because he is a royal.”
The Duke of York has been accused of having sex with Virginia Roberts Giuffre when she was only 17, at the behest of Epstein and his alleged recruiter and groomer Ghislaine Maxwell. There is an infamous photo of her with the prince when she was very young, which he has claimed is fake. The royal has also been photographed inside the home of Epstein, as another young girl is seen leaving the apartment.
The Times report says that Giuffre’s allegations are not the only ones they are looking into related to Prince Andrew.
Law and Crime reports that “Dai Davies is Scotland Yard’s former head of royal protection and he personally oversaw Prince Andrew’s protection during the 90s. He said it was in the ‘public interest’ for authorities to investigate Prince Andrew now since London police previously shuttered an investigation based on claims made by Giuffre in 2015.”
Prince Andrew has called the allegations against him “false” and “without foundation,” and the Royal family pointed to those denials in response to the news about the investigation.