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Pamela Anderson Thinks Entire World Should Vote For American President

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There is a reason that many people believe that Hollywood celebrities should stay far from politics and Pamela Anderson proved them correct this week.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but when your opinion is so asinine that it is mind numbing that is dangerous.
What is more dangerous is when the person with the asinine opinion has hundreds of thousands of followers.
It was Friday when “Baywatch” actress Pamela Anderson shared her opinion about American elections and who should be able to vote for them with her fans.
Not only does she believe that everyone in the United States, regardless of citizenship, should have the right to vote, she believes the entire world should vote for the American president.
“I believe Everyone in the world should be able to vote for the US president, because it has an impact on all of us,” she said.
“This western world is not a healthy democracy. It’s all part of a kind of hell. Hungry people fighting for justice and Freedom.

“While privileged people fight not to pay their taxes, hide there money off shore – fighting to get more rich,” she said.

Pamela Anderson thinks she is living in hell. It is worth noting that she has an estimated net worth of $12 million which makes her next statements more ridiculous.
“Empathy is when we help those less fortunate. And that feels good – We might even celebrate paying our taxes.
“If it was used for what it’s meant for. An agreed upon way to spend it together so that no one would have nothing,” she said
“My Dad told me Socialism is knowing your tax dollars are helping people. knowing where your taxes go.
“You can see it in schools and hospitals in children’s happy faces. Healthy people. Safe Roads and bridges. and by now clean energy innovation,” she said

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