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Biden Tells Black Student That White Women Do Not Get Pulled Over By Police

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Former Vice President Joe Biden had a horrific day on the campaign trail with two, that we know of, faux pas.
On Saturday, what is perhaps one of the most Pandering statements ever made, Biden told a black woman that white women do not get stopped by the police.
“If I were your daughter, what advice would you give me the next time I am stopped by the police?” a black, female student asked Biden.
“If you were my daughter, you’d be a Caucasian girl and you wouldn’t be pulled over,” the former vice president said.
A ridiculous, condescending statement that has no basis in fact but, as he proved in another video, he does not care about facts.

Biden Caught In Blatant Lie, Tells Black Students He Went To Black University.
Joe Biden is not having gaffes anymore, he is stone cold lying to people and he thinks that he will not get caught.

In front of a group of black voters this weekend the former vice president claimed he started at a historically black university.
“I got started out of an HBCU, Delaware State, and I don’t want to hear anything negative about Delaware state here. Okay?
“Those are my folks,” he said. “But all kidding aside HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities), are in trouble financially.”
The former vice president is correct. Delaware State is, in fact, a historically black university.
But there is just one minor issue. Joe Biden never attended Delaware State University. It was a bold faced lie.
Biden attended St. Helena School, then St. Paul’s Elementary School, then the University of Delaware, then Syracuse University Law School and Archmere Academy,” his biography said.
Unless one is senile it is tough to believe that one would not remember what university they went to.
And it is even tougher to believe that, if they were one of a handful of white people attending that university that they would not remember.
What is more likely is that Biden is used to campaigning in the days of yonder when people could not check the Internet to find the facts.

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