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BREAKING: CNN Reports Ukraine Whistleblower Is Registered Democrat

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The whistleblower who filed a report against President Donald Trump and his conversation with the Ukrainian president, is a registered Democrat.
That is the report coming from CNN ancho Jake Tapper, as he explained on his show on Thursday and on Twitter.
“First from CNN, source familiar with the whistle-blower investigation tells me that the political bias referred to by the intelligence community news reporter general is that the whistle-blower is a registered Democrat.
“That is the bias. The IG acknowledged the bias in his statement that said didn’t change the facts of the whistle-blower complaint. The attorney for the whistle-blower declined to give us a comment,” he said.
“Breaking — A source familiar with the investigation prompted by the whistleblower tells me that the ‘indicia of bias of an arguable political bias on the part’ of the whistleblower referred to by the Intel Community IG, is that the whistleblower is a Registered Democrat.
"The attorney for the whistleblower declined to comment. The IG said ‘such evidence did not change my determination that the complaint relating to the urgent concern ‘appears credible’ particularly given the other information the ICIG obtained during its preliminary review,’” he said.

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