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Buttigieg Says It Should Be Legal To Not Tell Your Partner You Have HIV

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When you think that insanity of some people on the left cannot get any more ridiculous, they continue to raise the bar.
During a CNN Town Hall on equality for the LGBTQ community this week host Anderson Cooper and candidates Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Corey Booker said something that grabbed the attention of Donald Trump Jr. and others.
The host and the candidates said that they believe it should be legal for a person with HIV to not disclose that information to their sex partners.
Now, the reason we say this is the insanity of some on the left is, it is fair to assume, this is a fringe opinion not shared by the majority of Democrats, as The Washington Examiner reported.
“Obviously, as you know, people living with HIV face tremendous stigma in many parts of this country and unfair treatment as well. HIV medication makes the virus undetectable,” Cooper said.
“And somebody who is undetectable, I don’t think maybe a lot of people who are watching tonight understand this yet, if somebody is undetectable, they cannot transmit the virus to a loved one, yet in many states in this country, there are criminal statutes.
“You can be sent to prison if you have not informed a sexual partner that you are HIV positive even though if you have no way of transmitting the virus to them.
“It’s an antiquated law based on old science. Is that fair? Is that something you would seek to change?” the host said to Buttigieg.
“It’s not fair and it needs to change. The term is U equals U. Undetectable equals untransmittable,” Buttigieg said.
We know what it takes in terms of treatment to get somebody to where they will not be a risk of transmission as well, which is all the more reason we need to make sure that every American has access to life-saving medication and medication that can reduce the viral load when it comes to HIV,” he said.
And New Jersey Sen. Corey Booker said that people with HIV should be allowed to donate blood if they want to because the laws are “draconian.”
“Many people have no idea that for decades, gay men were permanently deferred from donating blood in the U.S. Because of outdated draconian regulations not supported by science.
“The FDA has only recently reduced the ban to one year after intercourse. Gay folks should never be discriminated against, but it’s particularly painful when our community wants to help after a disaster or a mass shooter targeting our community as in the case with pulse.
“Will you commit to working with the FDA to remove this harmful ban?” one member of the audience said to Sen. Booker.
“Two words, absolutely yes. And one statement. When you’re president of the United States, you have to set the tone and the temperature.
“We should be using our platforms, the new generation of presidents. We see a president every day using his platform in unorthodox ways to demean, to degrade, to put out misinformation and outright lies.
“If I’m your president, I’m going to be using my platforms every day to dispel ignorances, to challenge people, to have a more courageous empathy, to create a more revival of civic grace.
“That’s why even on this campaign I’ve gone out and been tested for HIV, trying to get rid of the kind of stigmas that still undermine this society.
“We have a whole lot of truth telling to do in this country, and we’ve got a lot of work to do to pull — pull out of the shadows people who are often relegated, their struggles, their injustices.
“We’ve just seen yet another black transgender American murdered in this country just last month. This makes the 19th this year.
“The suffering of so many people in the LGBTQ community, the truth about them is shrouded in the ignorance and hate that we see in this world.
“So not only am I going to change policies, change laws, get an activist department of justice, but I’m going to be using my platform every day to tell the truth, to heal, to bring the truth forward to solve that we can be a nation that is far more Progressive on these,” he said.

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