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California's Governor Signs Law Allowing Illegals on State Boards and Commissions

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The political leaders of California are determined to prove to the world that they are the most radical, insane, ridiculous and non-serious politicians on the planet.
Every time you think they can’t do anything dumber they prove you wrong.
This time they’ve decided that illegal aliens should sit on government boards and commissions, as the San Francisco Chronicle reports:
“Undocumented immigrants [sic] and other non-citizens will be allowed to serve on state boards and commissions after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a package of bills Saturday intended to integrate immigrants further into society.
SB225 by Sen. Maria Elena Durazo, D-Los Angeles, expands eligibility for state appointments to any California resident over the age of 18.
In a signing message, Newsom said applicants deserved to be considered on their merits, rather than their immigration status.
“Building a more representative government requires an assessment of barriers that prevent talented and qualified Californians from consideration for public service,” he said. “California doesn’t succeed in spite of our diversity — our state succeeds because of it.”
This is totally nuts. Are there no qualified American citizens to hold these positions?
Here more on why this is potentially a BIG problem for Californians, and the rule of law, via American Thinker:
“Those boards and commissions, by the way, are numerous. Some have the power to recommend the issuance and amounts of bonds. Some are minor bodies devoted to goals like beautifying parks, but others are quite powerful, such as the California Coastal Commission, which works to ensure that no new housing gets built based on all its environmental considerations. Sounds like a great opportunity for a Rosarito Beach property developer to send in an agent to get on one of those boards…to keep it that way.
Worse still, there are the court boards. Think an illegal on the California courts boards might just be an intimidating factor to ensure that judges always ruled in illegals’ favor? And cripes, why would an open lawbreaker be welcome on a body that is supposedly devoted to ensuring rule of law? Judges are supposed to be pristine and non-political and independent and above reproach in the state, and already an overseeing board known as the Judicial Council interferes with that. That that body even should exist is very questionable, but it does — and now an illegal, loyal to the laws of China or El Salvador, might just be telling (or hinting broadly to) the state’s judges how they’re supposed to act.
Illegals running prison policy on one of those boards? What could go wrong? Lawbreakers in that kind of a position is pretty much turning prison policy over to people who should be in prison (and, in other countries, certainly are).
How about some illegals on voting boards? Now it can happen.”
What do you think about this new California law?
Should illegals be allowed to sit on government commissions and boards?

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