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CAUGHT RED-HANDED: Mitt Romney Admits He Praises Himself With Anonymous Twitter Account


Sen. Mitt Romney admitted to the Atlantic he praises himself on Twitter with an undercover account which has been revealed as @qaws9876.

The Atlantic's report reads:

When I met [Romney] in his office a couple of weeks later, I asked if [Trump’s] Twitter insults bothered him.

“That’s kind of what he does,” Romney said with a shrug, and then got up to retrieve an iPad from his desk. He explained that he uses a secret Twitter account—“What do they call me, a lurker?”—to keep tabs on the political conversation. “I won’t give you the name of it,” he said, but “I’m following 668 people.” Swiping at his tablet, he recited some of the accounts he follows, including journalists, late-night comedians (“What’s his name, the big redhead from Boston?”), and athletes. Trump was not among them. “He tweets so much,” Romney said, comparing the president to one of his nieces who overshares on Instagram. “I love her, but it’s like, Ah, it’s too much

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