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Democrat Run House Fails to Censure Adam Schiff For Fraudulent Testimony

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Democrats in the House have defeated efforts to censure Adam Schiff for his fraudulent testimony regarding President Trump at a hearing on Ukraine, as Reuters reports:
“Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives on Monday blocked a Republican effort to censure House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff over statements he has made related to an impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump.
As expected, the Democratic-controlled House voted 218-185 to block consideration of the Republican measure, thus shelving it.
Republicans accused Schiff of misleading the public by, among other things, saying he did not know the identity of a whistleblower who reported that Trump pressured Ukraine’s newly elected president to investigate a U.S. political rival, Democrat Joe Biden who is running for president.
A vote to censure a House member registers the chamber’s deep disapproval of misconduct that falls short of expulsion.
Since 1832, 23 House members have been censured, which requires them to stand before their fellow legislators while the House speaker or presiding officer reads aloud the censure resolution as a form of public rebuke.”
This is not unexpected, as Democrats are have no standards other than double standards.
After all no one would expect them to censure Schiff merely for lying.
Sad, and pathetic but typical.


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