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Denmark paid €90,000 welfare benefits to ISIS terrorists who committed genocide against Christians, Kurds & Yazidis in Iraq and Syria

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Revelations that Denmark's welfare system has been lining the pockets of jihadists fighting in Syria has led to the Danish Employment Minister vowing to take action.

The Danish government has said it will stop paying Isis militants welfare benefits as part of a plan to fight terrorism.

More than 30 foreign fighters from the country are known to have continued to receive thousands of pounds worth of state unemployment benefit known as “kontanthjælp” in Syria and Iraq.

Since ISIS was defeated in Iraq and Syria many Western terrorists have been trying to return to their homeland in the West.

Let us not forget the crimes against humanity they committed in the name of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Western countries must revoke the citizenship of any terrorist who joined ISIS.

The United Kingdom, Canada and Australia must arrest ISIS terrorists who have already returned and prosecuted them for the Genocide against non-Muslim minorities in Iraq and Syria.

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