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Elizabeth Warren Fundraising Off Fired For Being Pregnant Lie

Elizabeth Warren is using her fictitious ‘fired for being visibly pregnant’ as a fundraiser despite her story being debunked.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma) has repeated her Pocahontas Part II fictional ‘fired for being pregnant’ story time and again on the campaign trail, noting that it was her “dream” to become a public school teacher.
Warren, as she did with her Pocahontas tall tale where she begged for donations off of President Trump rightfully calling her out for her “I’m an Injun'” forked tongue claim.
Now, Elizabeth Warren is one again using some fabricated ‘connect the dots’ story about evil misogynist men holding down poor helpless pregnant women, to rake in the cash.
Elizabeth Warrens latest money grab begins with her fundraiser headline blaring:

“By June I was visibly pregnant—and the principal told me the job I’d already been promised for the next year would go to someone else,” 

Warren’s Tuesday night fundraising email comes as several outlets have raised questions about the validity of warrens’ story:
“All I know is I was 22 years old, I was 6 months pregnant, and the job that I had been promised for the next year was going to someone else,
The principal said they were going to hire someone else for my job.”
Official school board records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon reveal Warren was indeed offered a second-year contract by Riverdale Elementary School, and that she offered her resignation months later.
The records contradict Warren’s story that the school principal “didn’t ask [her] back for the next year” because she was “visibly pregnant.”
The records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon also align with the version of her story that Backroom Buzz posted from an interview Warren did in 2008.

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Warren did not respond to a BackroomBuzz request for comment, but she stood by her story in an interview with CBS News.
In addition to asking for contributions, Warren’s Tuesday night email calls on supporters to share their own stories of “pregnancy discrimination.”
“It’s important for the public to know just how pervasive pregnancy discrimination is, and how many families it affects,” Warren writes in the email. “If you or someone you know has ever faced discrimination in the workplace for being pregnant, join me and share your story today.”
“We can fight back by telling our stories,” she writes. “I tell mine on the campaign trail, and I hope to hear yours.”
Elizabeth Warren Fundraising Off Fired For Being Pregnant Lie
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