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Ilhan Omar undermines Dems' 2020 hopes by lashing out at her own party: "Something tragic..."

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar called the idea of only having to choose between presidential candidates Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg “tragic” in a recent interview, according to Fox News.
Omar was asked during her interview which of the pair she would choose if it came down to the two of them on the Democratic ballot in 2020. She answered, “None,” but then called their hypothetical nominations as “tragic.”
Fox News reported that Host Mehdi Hasan asked Omar, “But if you had to pick one? If one of them is the candidate for your party, who would you rather it be?”
Omar retorted: “So you’re saying if something tragic happens and they ended up being the nominee?”
Omar expanded on her endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and said that he is the candidate she can put her faith int because he is guided by his values no matter what, according to the first term congresswoman.
“Sometimes you have to be reminded about the vision you truly believe in, and where your core values lie,” Omar said. “And for me, I know that there are people that have to switch some things around, and there are people that are just easy to believe in. And I was reminded that Bernie is one of the people.”
Omar joined fellow “squad” member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., in endorsing Sanders last week:
“@BernieSanders isn’t fighting to win just one presidential election — he’s fighting for the soul of our democracy,” Omar tweeted along with an endorsement video.
“Here’s more on why I’m so proud to give Bernie my endorsement for president of the United States:”
The Minnesota representative went on in her multi-tweet endorsement to say that, “Bernie is leading a working class movement to defeat Donald Trump that transcends generation, ethnicity, and geography. I know this from experience — I’ve worked with him up close on bold progressive reforms. I’ve seen the values that motivate his fight for progress.
“Bernie Sanders knows that in one of the richest countries in the world, no student should go without a hot meal. This week, we introduced a universal school lunch bill to make sure every student who wants a hot meal can get one year-round.
“Bernie is also well aware that America doesn’t suffer from scarcity — we suffer from greed. Together we brought forward legislation to cancel all $1.6 trillion of student debt and pay for it with a small tax on Wall Street speculation.
“Bernie supports guaranteeing healthcare for all, creating a humane immigration system that doesn’t treat immigrants like criminals, and ending forever wars. He is fighting for the America we deserve — one that collectively works toward a brighter future for every one of us.
Omar wrapped up her endorsement by saying, “For all these reasons and more, I have no doubt that @BernieSanders is the best candidate to take on Donald Trump in 2020. Let’s get him elected!”

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