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Ilhan Omar’s Divorce Proves She’s A Liar As Well As Being Antisemitic

Ilhan Omar's Divorce Proves She's A Born Liar

For months, Rep. Ilhan Omar denied that her marriage was effectively over despite reporting that she’d been named as the “other woman” in her lovers divorce suit.

She and her husband Ahmed Hirsi, even put on a show of maintaining a common domicile.
But all that’s out the window now that the congresswoman has filed for divorce from her husband Ahmed Hirsi, with whom she has three minor children, citing “an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage relationship.”
The two married in a religious ceremony in 2002, separated in 2008, then married legally in 2018.
But August brought the divorce filing from Dr. Beth Mynett in Washington, DC, civil court — alleging that her political-consultant husband Tim Mynett had told her he was leaving her for Omar.
Omar’s lawyers now blame the breakup of her marriage on the media and her political opponents, conveniently overlooking the alleged infidelity that plainly came first.
All this is a matter of public concern because of a possible violation of federal ethics rules and election laws: Omar’s campaign has paid Tim Mynett’s firm $230,000, including $70,000 after his wife sued for divorce.
In late August, the day after her affair with Tim Myett was exposed, Ilhan Omar was in full liar mode in this scheduled interview with Esme Murphy, a reporter for Minnesota’s WCCO-TV.
Ilhan Omar A Liar and Anti-Semite
We already knew Ilhan Omar was a blatant anti-Semite, now we know that she’s a born liar as well and now we have proof of both.

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