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Impeachment Sideshow Turns into Clown Show: Trump-Hating CIA “Whistleblower” Who Traveled with Joe Biden to Ukraine Doesn’t Want to Testify… Democrat Lawyers Say He Will Submit Written Answers

The Pelosi Impeachment Officially Turned into a Sideshow on Thursday night.
The far left Trump-hating CIA “whistleblower” who traveled with Joe Biden to Ukraine has decided he does not want to testify in person.
But his far left Democrat attorneys have graciously offered to submit written answers.
This is a clown show.
Democrats have now officially BROKEN EVERY RULE on the impeachment process possible.
They want to impeach the president with a Trump-hating CIA hack who traveled with Joe Biden to Ukraine and filled out a complaint based on rumors. But this far left leaker will not testify in person. He wants to turn in written answers.
Democrats REALLY are crazy 
The Wall Street Journal is reporting the anonymous gossipers’ lawyers are now requesting official impeachment testimony by letters not an in-person appearance. If this is accurate such a request speaks directly to the abject stupidity of the claim:
WASHINGTON—Lawyers for the CIA officer whose whistleblower complaint helped ignite an impeachment inquiry into President Trump have asked Congress whether their client could submit testimony in writing instead of appearing in person, according to people familiar with the matter.
The request reflects concerns about whether the whistleblower could testify to Democrats and Republicans without revealing his identity, and fears that doing so would lead to it being publicly leaked, jeopardizing his personal safety. The intelligence committees haven’t yet responded to the inquiry about potential written testimony, the people said.
Spokeswomen for the House and Senate intelligence committees didn’t respond to requests to comment. (read more)
It was already ridiculous to think a presidential impeachment, to remove the most powerful elected political representative of The United States, could continue based on an anonymous complaint. However, expecting the same complainant/accuser to remain invisible during the process is so far beyond nonsensical, the light from where nonsense emanates wouldn’t reach this narrative for a year.

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