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Juan Williams Says Hillary Clinton's Anti-Trump Speech At Cumming's Funeral Was Inappropriate

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You know you have issues as a Democrat when Fox News host Juan Williams thinks that you took things a step too far.
The liberal host was on “Fox & Friends” on Saturday and spoke to host Jedediah Bila about Hillary Clinton’s shots at President Donald Trump.
Namely, the shots she took at him during the memorial service for the late Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings on Friday.

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BILA: First of all, I have to ask, did you think that was appropriate for her to take a dig at President Trump.
WILLIAMS: I think it played to that audience. Remember, you are talking about a democratic congressman from a democratic city, Baltimore, Elijah Cummings I think without speaking directly and calling the president’s name and spoke to a general sense in that auditorium.
Elijah Cummings who had defended Hillary Clinton so aggressively during the Benghazi hearings and who was engaged in oversight, he was the chairman of the oversight and reform committee and looking at things like security clearances and whether they were being properly given in the Trump White House all of that spoke to that moment that you have to hold account.
People could perceive it as a slight toward President Trump. In that sense the funeral not clearly appropriate.
I think it spoke to that audience and you could hear the response.
BILA: You have to question if that venue was the appropriate time to make that point. To identify ask you, Juan, as a Democrat, be honest with me here, are Democrats just hoping she will go away?
WILLIAMS: No. This is very interesting. That’s a great question I think it was Steve Bannon on fox business she thinks she is going to run and come in and reclaim the centrist aisle in the democratic primaries from Joe Biden.
Ever since this kind of thing has taken off. There is no substance to it. She is on a book tour. You are seeing Hillary unplugged. She speaks critically of the president and critically.
BILA: Juan, hold on. You are saying there is no substance to it. Why does she tweet out don’t tempt me and her advisor is saying not ruling it out.
She stokes that fire and puts it out there and wants people to clamor for her because they are upset with Joe Biden and maybe he is not the choice. Hillary save us. That’s how I see it anyway.
WILLIAMS: Oh, no. I think, in fact, from my democratic point of view, if you want, but also from a political analyst point of view, Jedediah, I think there are people on the right who want to rerun 2016 because they beat Hillary Clinton.
And they have made Hillary Clinton a demon. It’s the Halloween season. She is the wicked witch of the west. I think it was drudge had her up there in a witch’s hat the other day.
And I think people want to just continue to pillory her. But the reality is that even her top advisor. I think Philip reigns has been on fox and said the chances are close to zero she is on a book tour.
She is unplugged and she feels free to take shots at President Trump. To even criticize Tulsi Gabbard. One of the Democrats running for president.

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