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Kamala Harris: Impeachment ‘Shouldn’t Take Long’: ‘We Have a Confession'

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Watch as 2020 candidate and California Senator Kamala Harris makes the insane claim that impeachment of President Trump “shouldn’t take long” because they have a confession:
Now THAT is insanity. Not sure is Kamala Harris is insane or if she thinks her follower and fans are.
Harris, who sits on the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, is all-in on impeachment, having endorsed the move since April.
The former California attorney general warned the Trump administration in an Oct. 9 letter against trying to destroy evidence or intimidate witnesses.
Harris, who confronted Biden on race issues in an earlier debate, rose to his defense last week when asked about his role in the Ukraine controversy.
“Leave Joe Biden alone,” Harris said. “That’s exactly what Donald Trump wants. The focus needs to be on him and his conduct and all of the members of his Cabinet who are aware or facilitated that should come before Congress to testify under oath.'
Senator Kamala Harris is also funding the most new Facebook ads calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment among the 19 Democrats seeking their party’s nomination to face the Republican president in the November 2020 election, a Reuters review of Facebook ad data shows.
Noticeably absent from tallies of Democrats’ pro-impeachment ads is former Vice President Joe Biden, a leading presidential contender who is at the center of the Ukraine controversy involving a call between Trump and Ukraine’s president that led to last week’s launch of a House impeachment inquiry against the president.
Harris, whose “Dude gotta go!” slogan on Trump’s presidency has become a signature chant at her rallies, ran more than 420 Facebook ads that mentioned the words “impeach” or “impeachment” in the week through Monday, according to a Reuters analysis of Facebook ad data gathered by the Online Political Ads Transparency Project.
Reuters contributed to this report.

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