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New pro-free speech, anti-sharia campaign in Denmark

Anders Gravers from Stop Islamisation of Denmark sends in this report:
On the 5th of October, SIAD — the Danish branch of Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE) — held its first demonstration in a string of demonstrations called Rejs hjem (Go home) Muhammed.
The reason why we started the string of demonstrations with that name is because we have realised that the politicians in the Danish parliament — left or right — never will free us from the strangling grip of Islam’s influence in Denmark.
The Danish people itself has to stand up and fight for survival, and that is what SIAD, Stop Islamiseringen Af Danmark, and another group, Guardians of Denmark, along with a party (Stram Kurs) did today.

We don’t believe that true believers of Allah (slaves of Allah) have any place in a modern Denmark in the 21st Century.
So that is why we now ask the Muslims to leave the country, by demanding their prophet Muhammed leave the country, and as true believers, they have to follow him.
We used banners with the famous winning picture from the “Draw Muhammed Contest,” presented by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), led by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

The drawings became world famous because of the attack on the event by ISIL, when two terrorists attacked the event and then were shot dead by a courageous Texan.
The reason for using the banners in our campaign Go home Muhammed is that in Denmark, we are allowed to draw who we want and we are tired of the mainstream media’s self-censorship regarding the Muhammed cartoon crisis we had in Denmark. We also know why they use self-censorship, and that is because Muhammed is a member of all editor meetings in the different newspaper offices, which is why they didn’t dare to print the cartoon picture of Muhammed even when they explained the Muhammed crisis (2006) in Denmark.
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SIAD will now demonstrate in cities all over Denmark demanding that Muhammed leave Denmark and take his followers with him, because they don’t contribute at all to Danish society and they are slowly but surely making Denmark into the Middle East, very soon.

Never have so many bullets been fired in Copenhagen, and never have so many bombs exploded in our capital, and never have so many cars been burned every day. Many of these incidents the Danish public don’t hear about, because Danish mainstream media is silent about these attacks.
Danish statistics say that in 2050, there will be more Muslims than Danish inhabitants of Denmark, so that is why we now have started our campaign.

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