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Rotting Fish, Spotty Internet and Closed Businesses on Day 3 of Deliberate California Power Outages

More than 1.5 million Californians on Thursday were without power after Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) cut off electricity to even more residents in order to ‘prevent dangerous wildfires.’
On Wednesday, 800,000 people in 3 dozen counties in Northern California were cut off from electricity for their ‘own safety’ and these residents are living in chaos because they have no idea when the electricity will be restored
On Thursday morning, I managed to squeeze a few emails out of Verizon’s hobbled network from home before signing off to tend to our 1-year-old daughter and make the trek into San Francisco. I walked into the nursery to find Sophie’s hands and feet were freezing. So much for our natural gas-fueled heating system. A frantic Google search tells me that, while these systems indeed depend on gas, they’re designed to automatically shut off during power outages.
I passed pharmacies, banks, a coffee shop and several office buildings on my way to the bus stop in Oakland. All dark. A Lucky supermarket was among the few with lights on. A trailer-sized, backup generator parked in its lot.
At a clearly powerless sushi restaurant, a man was unloading a box of fresh tuna to deliver. “What are they going to do with that?” I asked him. “They don’t even have power.” He shrugged, “They ordered it.”
A worker at the local doughnut shop greeted patrons with: “No coffee, just donuts.” With the credit card machines down, I paid for my glazed twist with a $5 bill. It’s a cash economy in the Bay Area now.
At the bus stop, a woman held hands with her elementary school-aged son. His school was among the dozens shut because of the blackouts. “What are you going to do?” I asked. “What can I do?” she said. “I’m bringing him to work.” Her son then turned to me and said he gets to play video games all day. Lucky kid.
The Bloomberg reporter recalls how entering San Francisco from the Oakland area was like driving into another world — traffic lights and internet were working.
San Francisco, where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other liberal elitists reside, still has its electricity but the peasants in the outer districts are living in third world conditions.
The Bloomberg reporter is now living by candle light and coolers. She had to relocate the breast milk she pumped for her 12-month old baby to a friend’s house who was still lucky enough to have electricity.
It could be several days before Californians get their electricity back.
PG&E warned customers that they would be without power for SEVERAL DAYS after the dangerous fire conditions subside because “every inch” of their electric system must be inspected by thousands of workers by ground and helicopter before the electric grid can be reactivated, according to the Associated Press.
Even Democrat lawmakers in California are complaining about this unprecedented move by the utility companies, calling it “third world.”
The Socialist utopia of California: Where homelessness, used needles in the streets and deliberate power outages that resembles something out of India in the 1970’s or current day Venezuela and North Korea are the new norm.
But fear not because Gavin Newsom is working hard for the people of California and he just signed a law banning tiny plastic shampoo bottles in hotels

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