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Untangling Ilhan Omar’s Web Of Sordid Relationships

Untangling Ilhan Omar’s Web Of Husband and lovers

After Ilhan Omar filed for divorce she placed much of the blame for the demise of her marriage on the press and her political foes.

Because in Ilhan Omar’s world how could she ever be responsible for her own actions?

Inside Ilhan Omar’s pea-sized brain it is simply unfathomable to think that her having a sleazy affair with a married DC political consultant, or previously marrying her supposed brother could be responsible for her impending divorce?
One thing that this latest development does prove is Ilhan Omar’s love life would give any soap opera a run for its money.
From Allegedly marrying and divorcing her brother.
To filing JOINT tax returns with the man who she’s now divorcing, while still being married to her brother.
 To being ‘traditionally married’ to the man she’s now divorcing, but legally marrying her supposed brother.
 To being Ilhan Omar and her alleged brother being married by a Christian minister, despite both of them being Muslim?
 To divorcing her alleged brother and then returning to the man she’s now divorcing, for whom she left to marry her brother.
 To the late August bombshell of Ilhan Omar’s sex affair with a Washington DC Progressive political Consultant Tim Mynett
 To an FEC investigating looking into why since 2018 Ilhan Omar had funneled $230,000 in campaign contributions to her lovers’ company.

Ilhan Omar’s Tangled Web Of Relationship Lies

Ilhan Omar was just 19 years old in 2002 when she first applied for a Hennepin County, Minnesota marriage license with Ahmed Hirsi, a fellow Somali immigrant who she claimed was “the love of my life.”
Though the couple would have two children together, split, later reconcile, and have a third child, they were never legally married until January of 2018.
Despite not being “Legally Married” Ilhan Omar insisted that the pair had wed in 2003 in a supposed “Traditional Muslim” ceremony, whatever that means.
The couple produced two children before the pair split up in 2008.

Ilhan Omar’s Revolting First Marriage 

Less than a year after splitting from Ahmed Hirsi, in 2009, Ilhan Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, whom she described as a “British citizen”.
Ironically, or at least from Omar Ilhan vantage point, the records show that SURPRISE! Ilhan Omar had a brother with the same exact name, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.
The Minneapolis Star-Tribune wrote in June that it ‘could neither conclusively confirm nor rebut the allegation that Ahmed Nur Said Elmi was Ilhan Omar’s sibling.’
Even left-wing apologist fact checking (wink-wink) Politifact and Snopes, would not outright dismiss the claim.
On Ilhan Omar and Elmi’s marriage application they gave their address as Columbia Heights, Minnesota, but mysteriously were married 25 miles away in Eden Prairie at a nondescript single-story brick building that houses a county office and a library.
Despite both being Muslim, the ceremony was conducted by Wilecia Harris, a Christian minister.
According to one Somali leader in Minnesota:
‘If they had gone to an imam he would have almost certainly have known if they were related,’ 
Ilhan Omar’s marriage to her brother lasted just two years but it was enough to allow Elmi to study alongside his new wife/younger sister at North Dakota State University.
Even more revolting than marrying your brother, according to Ilhan Omar’s tax records it suggests that Omar, Elmi and Hirsi all lived together at the same address for at least part of that time.

Ilhan Omar’s Immigration Fraud

Ilhan Omar almost from the moment she announced running for Congress has been hounded over suspicions that Elmi was her brother and that she married him to provide him with a green card and entry into the United States.
This, of course, would be immigration fraud, and if found guilty, the United States could easily revoke Ilhan Omar’s citizenship and send her packing back to her sh*thole Somali country.
Despite evidence each time the question of is Elmi her brother gets asked, Ilhan Omar usually spews something about ‘Not dignifying the question with an answer,” or feigns outrage saying “That’s disgusting.”
I’ll admit this is probably the only thing I can actually agree with Ilhan Omar about. Marrying your brother would certainly be disgusting.
After divorcing her brother in 2011, Ilhan Omar then hooked up again with Ahmed Hirsi the n 2012, and the records show the couple had their third child in late November.
One thing is certain, Ilhan Omar’s bed never seems lonely for too long, as she hops from one man to another.

Ilhan Omar: A Proven liar

On July 26, a full month before Ilhan Omar’s sordid affair came to light the reported that the anti-Semite Minnesota congresswoman and her husband Ahmed Hirsi – the father of her three children – split up and were heading for a divorce.
In late August, the day after her affair with Tim Myett was exposed Ilhan Omar was in full denial mode in this scheduled interview with Esme Murphy, a reporter for Minnesota’s WCCO-TV.
Of course, today we now know what Ilhan Omar said in this late august interview was nothing but a pack of lies.

Ilhan Omar’s Illicit Affair

In late August affair became national news after Ilhan Omar’s lover’s scorned wife filed for divorce.
According to Beth Jordan Mynett’s divorce filing, she accused her husband Tim of admitting to her that the reason he wanted out of their marriage was due to his affair with Ilhan Omar.
Beth Mynett’s filing went so far as to accuse her estranged husband of parading behind her back his relationship with Omar to their son.
Since that story broke Ilhan Omar, she is now facing an FEC complaint that claims since 2018, she has funneled approximately $230,000 to the E. Street Group, LLC, the company that is owned by her alleged lover Tim Mynett.
In a previous FEC complaint filed against her, investigators uncovered travel payments that she made in early April to E. Street Group, LLC, the company owned by Tim Mynett, but at that time was unaware the two were involved in a dalliance.
The exposing of her illicit affair also brought with it an FEC complaint against the Minnesota Congresswoman due to her campaign paying approximately $230,000 to her lover Tim Mynett since 2018.
The $230,000 her campaign paid to Tim Mynett would be illegal if Omar and/or Mynett cannot verify that he did the work, and was paid market rate.

Was He or Wasn’t He?

Ilhan Omar’s announcement that she’s divorcing her husband Ahmed Hirsi will most certainly bring renewed interest in whether or not Ahmed Nur Said Elmi is her brother.
And while her supporters claim it’s all a tin-foil hat conspiracy the leftist Minnesota Star Tribune gave the story some validity in late June.
In the papers front-page story titled Minnesota campaign board fines Rep. Ilhan Omar says she must reimburse campaign.
Regardless of whether Elmi was her brother or not, one question that is NOT a conspiracy that the Minnesota Star Tribune uncovered that most certainly should have launched an IRS investigation was:
Why did Ilhan Omar file joint tax returns with her Ahmed Hirsi, while still being legally married to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi?
I assume Ilhan Omar will defend herself by playing the Progressive Democrats pronoun game claiming Hirsi her “cultural husband,” at the time, whatever that means.
But I’m pretty sure the IRS won’t accept “Cultural Husband” as justification for Ilhan Omar filing a “joint’ income tax returns with her husband, NOT Husband to scam the U.S. into paying lower taxes.

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