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Video: Bernie Sanders says Christianity is an insult to Muslims.

 Bernie Sanders has quite recently demonstrated unequivocally how one-sided he really is against Christians. He demonstrated that indeed as of late when he damaged a Constitutional command that you are not permitted to apply a religious test when pursuing the position. 
The Vermont representative censured White House Deputy Budget Director candidate Russell Vought for his Christian convictions in connection to Islam. Sanders pronounced he would restrict Vought on those grounds, putting together his choice with respect to an article Vought wrote with regards to Wheaton College. 

"This is the central issue," Vought composed. "Muslims don't just have an inadequate philosophy. They don't know God since they have rejected Jesus Christ his Son, and they stand censured." 

"It is scornful," Sanders said of the composition. "It is Islamophobic. What's more, it is an affront to over a billion Muslims all through the world." 

Sanders proceeded to flame broil Vought, inquiring as to whether he accepted that the announcement in his article was Islamophobic. 

"In no way, shape or form. I'm a Christian and I have confidence in a Christian arrangement of standards dependent on my confidence," Vought expressed. "That post, as I expressed in the survey to this board of trustees, was to shield my place of graduation, Wheaton College, a Christian school that has an announcement of confidence that incorporates the centrality of Jesus Christ for Salvation. 

"I comprehend you are a Christian. In any case, this nation is comprised of individuals who are not simply — I comprehend that Christianity is the lion's share religion, yet there are other individuals who have various religions in this nation and around the globe," Bernie terminated back. 

Vought reacted by saying, "As a Christian, I accept that all people are made in the picture of God and are deserving of poise and regard paying little mind to their religious convictions." 
"I would basically say, Mr. Administrator, that this chosen one is truly not somebody who is truly what this nation should be about," Sanders finished up. "I will cast a ballot no."  


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